Sensitive… Empath…


Or both?  One thing you are not is a sponge.

I’ve been an empath for as long as I can remember.  Yet, I didn’t even know of this word until a decade ago.  The word was coined in 1909 by Edward Bradford Titchener.

When you look up the word, empath often the word sensitive is used to describe.  An empath often feels everything.  The often feel what is NOT them.  They can pick up on the energy of a room they walk into.  They feel the emotions of others.  They don’t always understand the energy they encounter yet they know something is, different.

Being an empath is a gift.  For some, it can also be a curse.  I have to remind myself to use this skill to my advantage.  I remind myself to allow the energy to flow through me.  Not to absorb or carry the energy.

Stay grounded.  Allow the energy to assist you in raising the vibration of another as well as yourself.

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