Love infusion


About six weeks ago, I sat in meditation and asked specifically to connect to the incoming new wave of energy. I felt it flow through me and tears streamed down my face. There was nothing sad about the energy. It was just an energy I’m not sure I’d felt this lifetime. It was…

pure, vast… love.

On my journey, I am surprised at the level of love that has been shown to me. Even more so, felt in quiet moments of mediation. It is not of this Earth plane… or is it?

Each time it seems to go deeper. I wonder if the Universe were to go too fast, if it would overwhelm and shatter a human heart. So it’s sent in receivable and believable doses. For me, each dose seems to expand my heart even more.  And that is just what it is to do.  We then need to pass this along.  To our family, friends, clients and strangers.

So far I haven’t received one word from this wave.  Maybe no words are needed.

So as I arose from meditation, I started to sing this song by Foreigner. I want to know what love is.

Trust me, the Universe is showing me.

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