What’s your number??

b449c910a9dbcb8a36aca5ff859f63c2  Photo by Brandt Schafer, https://www.behance.net/bdschafer64


And I’m not talking about the sleep bed, instead Numerology.

I have a 3 digit number that lets me know that the Universe is with me; closer than ever. I’ve only know this, this past year. Often the Universe comes with blessing in disguise. So when I see my numbers, I know to pause and pay attention.

So today, more purging of the past. Yikes! I was determined to go through a box of paperwork from the past decade. Receipts, notes, and miscellaneous papers. Again and again, I saw my number. I’d been ignoring it for years. I smiled. Yes, Angels and the Universe have been with me the entire time.

So I encourage you to look for your number (sign). It can be a number or series of numbers. I have one that warns me (like a, no if you were to use a pendulum) and one that alerts me to the Divine.

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