Helpful Words and Parallel Lives

The past few nights I’ve awoken to my heart racing yet no thoughts. During the day, I’ve also felt large waves of energy to the point I’ve had to sit down (like a pregnant lady) and honor them. I’ve tried to ground myself and that seems to help… a bit. Oh the old me would not believe in what I do now.

Past lives is a common term. Our brain could handle that. Yet maybe it’s, parallel lives since it’s all happening, now. And boy have I been feeling it. I seem to be clearing timelines as I sleep and over the past few weeks I’ve had moments where other lives bleed into my present reality. I can’t deny them. One life seemed to come in more often than the others and I did wonder why. I forgot to ask myself, why have you presented yourself as my teacher?

So today I read this article that was written by Melody Fletcher two years ago.

I found it helpful and will copy two of her thoughts here:

“So, if you’ve “discovered” that you were murdered in a past life, ask yourself why you would remember that NOW. What’s going on in your current vibration that would make you a match to this feeling? What’s being mirrored back to you? The experience of the past life cannot affect your current life (this is a very limiting belief; that you’re condemned to continue the struggle of your past lives, or that some trauma from your past lives could cause you to have fears in your current one), but it can certainly mirror back what’s going on in your energy today.  If you’re feeling unsafe, for example, you may have the horrific memory of being stabbed to death in a former life. This manifestation would then alert you to the fact that your current fears are not serving you, without you necessarily needing to manifest a stabbing right now.”


“If you’re willing to let go of your past completely, if you can stop needing to punish anyone, if you can stop needing to be the victim, to be validated, to be approved of, or to be healed, then you can actually let go of who those stories and needs caused you to become. And if you can completely let go of all the limiting definitions of self that you’re currently carrying around, you can actually leapfrog into not just a version of you that’s only slightly different from the one you came from, but someone significantly different.”

Ahh… I had a tree frog in my house a week ago.  Here’s to be being light and leaping ahead.


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