Fear Not


I have a fear.  So how do I get to, fear not?  Because I know that this fear is not me.  I brought this fear though, with me, into this life.  I’ve had it all my life.  It’s manifested in different ways over the decades.  While I’ll tell you mine, just fill in your own.

I’ve always had a fear of deep water and heights.  I’ve tried in many ways to release this fear.  I’ve taken swim classes, tried desensitization, meditation, changed my thoughts, prayed to Angels, asked Guides for more understanding, etc.  The word fear has the word, ear in it.  I am listening.

The fear has been presenting itself in a newer way.  As I drive over bridges.  A few years ago, while on a tour of Florida, I drove across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  What a nice name yet at the toll both, I asked if they had a volunteer who would drive.  The women just smiled.  I remember I pulled into the rest stop at the end of the bridge to literally kiss the ground.  From then on, it’s been an issue.  (And later I’d find out that the original bridge did partially collapse in 1980 killing 35 people.)

I live along the coast and if I wish to go anywhere, I need to cross a bridge.  So… I’ve thought on the symbolism.  A bridge, being a bridge, a passage over an obstacle.  Or is the issue, falling?  I’ve also thought of how many bridges I’ve crossed without issue.  Was this related to an age/set point/place?

I’ve thought on how this fear was my teacher.  What was I learning?  And… it’s about vibration. Vibrationally what does this match?

I’ve thought of past lives and… future ones.  Atlantis, prophesies, images/feeling that come up in regression and meditation.

I asked for remote healing.  To release from my cellular memory.

I feel like I’ve tried everything.  I’ve asked to be taught so I can pass along what I learn.

I’ve even, let go… many times.  Until…

I go to cross a bridge and it feels like I have to cross this bridge.


It seems to sneak up on me.  My heart is in my throat.  I feel faint.  One could label it anxiety but it’s more.  It makes no sense to me.  I do understand that there are some things one will never understand.  I just don’t want this to alter my quality of life.  And I surely don’t wish to carry it over unto my next life.  I do feel strong enough to realize, heal and release.  Seriously, I think I’ve been through worse, lol.

The only thing I have to fear is, fear itself (FDR).  Fear is just, False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear is an illusion.  So I tried to make peace with the fear.

In one of my meditations, I was told that this fear I’ve been carrying for a long time and it’s buried in the back of my brain.  I guess each time I cross a bridge, I get closer to it being conscious.  Will alone doesn’t seem to be moving it any faster.  I know that there is a time/order and it will be revealed at the right time, in the right way.

I write because often clarity comes when I place words on paper.  A light bulb goes off… yet…

3 comments on “Fear Not

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  2. I find the fear-fueled thoughts, feelings and behaviors I have the most difficulty releasing permanently are my greatest opportunities to continue to open my heart wider and deepen my compassion for myself and all other beings, encounters and situations. We are, after all, human and so we often forget our Source. It’s part of the journey we signed up for. Our limitations are illusions but very real in human form. And that helps me show up with love, respect, curiosity, compassion and gratitude for every aspect of my being and journey and every aspect of you and yours.

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