Life Lead by Spirit


What is a life lead by Spirit?

Well… it’s what seems like a lot of changes and new ways at first. It can be so simple though. The process is individual to each person. It becomes your natural state of being.

It’s being centered in yourself, being grounded to the Earth and connected to the Eternal.

So it’s about small things like…

Before you get out of bed, saying, Thank you! Oh thank you. I get to try again today.

Often saying, I don’t know when you used to always have an answer.

It’s having less to say. You don’t always need to tell a story or prove yourself.

It’s having more quiet moments. A love of peace and silence.

It’s about seeing the beauty in life.

It’s a shift from worry and fear to trust and belief.

Surrender. Forgiving. Patient.

Knowing that you are whole, complete, not needing.

Knowing that you are always protected.


To be… love. To allow life to flow through you.

It’s allowing your soul, the Divine, to show you the way. Your way.

Your soul can’t start its journey until… you get over yourself, lol. Your ego, your personality, your agenda, wants, wishes and dreams.  Get out of your own way.

Stay in harmony with your soul and the Universe.

Allow it to lead.

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