7th Inning Stretch


As a writer, I write when I feel good and… terrible.  Emotions seem to fuel.  I also write when I’m confused and when I have absolute clarity.  I awoke too early this morning having to use the bathroom.  Gheez, how much water did I drink before going to bed?  I had to chuckle to myself.  Let… it… flow.  And so my day begins before sunrise.

The past few weeks I feel like I’ve been stretched.  Like a rubber band.  I look back over my public writing but I can’t say it’s captured the experience.  At times, words just don’t come.  Yet, I think this is a good thing.  As a writer, we can get too in our heads.  As I thumb through my private writing, I can see the process it took to get here.  I realized I can stretch quite far but yes, at times I’ve wondered if I’d break.  I’m not sure that I could stretch anymore and then…

I seem to snap back.  I feel normal again.  Everything has caught up.

So I’ve had these growth spirits before.  They do seem to come in chunks and often a Mercury Retrograde is a great time to process it all.  I will say that over the past year, each “semester” has ended with a test.  I guess you can say I’ve been strong enough to have the experiences.  Now, I don’t feel I need the tests.  That’s not the right way to think about evolving.  Let your own self off the hook.

I’ve never believed in anything more than I do about the spiritual Universe.  To say it’s a passion, might be an understatement.  It does, literally, run through my veins.

So I wanted to pass along two teachers who seem to be a few steps ahead of me yet, walk beside me.  I’ve often had this experience.  Via a book or youtube channel, they remind me.  Both of these teacher have come into my energy just in the last two months. A soul sister/mentor/friend of mine introduced to one; Lisa Transcendence Brown.  Trust me, Lisa would have been to, out there, (lol) for me even a year ago.  The teacher will appear when the student is ready.  The other is Matt Kahn. Both have websites, facebook pages and plenty of youtubes.  They are not new to the scene, just new to me.

As I listened to one last night, I got so excited.  Not only could I understand but relate to the words being said.  Oh what a comfort.  A reminder I am on the right path.  A fuel.  I am grateful.

The interesting thing though is, one can listen all day to these wonderful teachers.  At times I even need to remind myself to pull in.  I’m finding I’m needing more time to do that here lately.  I need to rest yet this is actually hard for me.  My personality likes being alive. We don’t realize though how much “work” we are doing in our sleep.  Right now, sleep might be more important than our awake hours.  So I encourage you to, pace yourself.  Breathe.  Look for your reminders.  Rest in the comfort of your reminders.

Also, challenge yourself to go a bit deeper or longer in meditation.  See what comes.  I’ve had amazing success with this in the past week but I’ve also had to carve out a bit more time for it.  I’ve also had to go into the meditations with no expectations (questions).  Allow your soul to surface.  It might bring up some unusual stuff.  Don’t overthink it.  Let it go and trust the process.  It’s just purging and better stuff is coming.

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