When channeling started for me, I was in a low place in my life. Information came and the healing process started. I often had questions that were charged with fear and on the victim vibration. After some time, a guide said to me, “You sound like Nancy Kerrigan, Why?! Why?!!”

I could remember the scene of her on the ground, just being attacked when all she wanted to do was skate. So that snapped me into a new place. A realization that I was not a victim. I would not claim that. I do need to say that in my own journey, I’ve had to be honest with myself and often check in on my reality that I’ve created. It’s easy to say, of course one should do this yet another to take full responsibility for every aspect of your life. It can be humbling, eye opening and grappling. It’s been a process.

If one channels from fear, a guide will respond. You will receive guidance and a healing. The Universe see’s you as you are. A powerful and magnificent creation and creator. They do wish to release you from lower vibrations. If you channel though from peace, love, gratitude, the Universe will match your vibration. You will be channeling the divine. Well, yes, it’s all divine.

At times I don’t hear an answer to a question I send off. I then realize the question might be petty in the big picture but I once heard, “If it bothers you, we will work with you.” Ah, how nice. Another time, though, I heard, “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!” Lol… the Universe knows when I can take a “gentle” reminder. If your question is fear or doubt based, well there might just be your answer.

So what are you channeling?  It’s just like choosing a TV program in the evening.  For me, if I watch a scary movie (or the news for that matter) before bed, I can’t sleep.

Know that the support that is available to us is… unlimited. Open your heart, quiet your mind, remember who you are.  You are a vessel.  Allow the best to flow through you.

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