October 2015 Channeled Messages

Hello Angels, Loves and Spiritual Beings.  How are you?  I had a summer with family and feel as if I’m now catching up.  I’m looking through my notebook and these three things stand out.

1.  Me:  Karma.  Hmm.  I thought I was a good person.  So then…

Universe:  To others yes… but not to yourself.

Me:  Oh, hence a lesson.  Universe:  Lessonssssss  Me:  lol

2.  “More waves are coming.  Need the grounded to assist the ungrounded.  Hence, you will be busy.  Help those who can’t help themselves.  Humanity needs strong lightworkers, not half-and-half’s (half committed, half doubt).  This is why so much purging.  From purging to pure.  Perfection is not needed though.  Don’t even try.  Some you don’t “teach”.  You just be… you!  Just being in your presence will raise their vibration.”

This also made me think of the word, enlightenment.  Enlightenment is not the goal.  It is a process.  Enjoy the process!

3.  And for this explanation, you’ll need to open this pdf:  Multi-dimensional Being

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