There’s something going on…


Yup… just like the 1980’s song by Frida.  Only, I’m talking about energy.

When I write, it comes naturally. Either something that’s on my mind or pure divine guidance. At times, my hands are on fire. The words come and my fingers can’t seem to keep up.

I know of others who do energy updates and forecasts. I’ve always found comfort in them. Yet, I’ve never felt the need to do one. I mean, who am I?  Well… this evening the energy is so intense…

I’ve felt it before. I try to ground myself and use it to my advantage. Yet it’s late and the energy is still with me so I find myself now at the laptop typing away.

Many have emphasized this new wave of energy. I do know for many they don’t see or feel any different… yet. Keep the faith. I’ve had a few encounters this past week and sure enough, since I was calm and centered, something is different. A new level of information/energy/vision is there. At times it’s subtle… easy to dismiss yet I know.

I’ve also thought about sleep in general. Have we just been trained to sleep in the night and be awake in the day? What if we are to sleep as needed? Ghee… this would be inconvenient to many, especially employers, lol.

I also take the time to interpret my dreams but I’ve been having so many… I’ve had to let go. A few though l have noted. I try to see the symbolism and message. I’m finding that talking out loud about them (sharing with another) seems to help the most.  Sure enough they do apply to my current dynamics.

I was also thinking about my evolution in channeling. I remember when I felt like I was going to get a message. At one point, I’d have the feeling for almost a week. And then I’d receive… a word. Like it would finally come spitting out of me. As time went on, a sentence. Then months later, a paragraph…. a page. I’d have to write down each message. I’d have no memory of it. Now I can remember most messages but I still write just about all of them down.  Write and release.  Take what serves you.  Even the messages are not meant to be held on to.

I can see the stages in my journey. I had to address so many, why questions. They were also past questions. This was for my mind. I had to release so many emotions. This stage was not pretty. I had no warning of this (no book or mentor prepared me) and it didn’t feel like spirituality yet, I was often walked through it, just enough, by Spirit.  This was for my body. Now… now my Spirit is implanting… leading.  Mind, Body, Spirit.

Whatever is going on with you in this moment, honor it.

So hold on kiddoes.  If you feel that you’re waiting or stagnating just do something… anything that is different or makes you feel alive. Come out of the cocoon. It’s time.

Join me:

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