Earth School: Lessons in Love


So what have I learned (remembered) so far?  Earth is the planet of LOVE.  We came here to experience and feel it.  The full spectrum.  When we are done with love, we’ll find another place to reincarnate.  Yet I made a list…

  1. It’s about love… joy… bliss… fun… freedom.
  2. It’s about energy and vibration.
  3. It’s about evolving.
  4. To embrace one’s life lessons.
  5. That everything happens for a reason. The Law of Attraction, well yes, we do attract everything.
  6. Teachers are everywhere. Sign are everywhere.
  7. Children are to help us heal our childhood wounds and to remind us of who we are.
  8. An event happens and our emotional reaction are two separate things. Pause. The truth can be found in the pause.
  9. All there is… is now, the present moment.
  10. It’s not what you think. The answers (to your deepest questions) are not in the mind.
  11. Everything is backwards.
  12. The thing you have been searching for is… you. Your soul. From reaching externally to internally.
  13. Surrender – you are not in control. Connect with the larger part of your soul to discover more.
  14. Rest and meditation are important. Stay grounded. Do less. Appreciate more. Spend time with Mother Nature. Success and materialism are ego and not important.
  15. Fear, doubt, low self-worth, guilt, victim mentality are your foo’s. Let go.
  16. Personal healing is more important than you realize.

And… I’m sure I could go on… and on. Yet, this can be so simple.

Every lesson here comes back to one word… LOVE.

Self-love, sharing love, searching for love, remembering love, being love.

Welcome to Earth school.

Come join me for more:


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