The Universe’s Thumb


Several months ago, I felt the Universe pressing on me. It seemed to last for weeks… months and became more and more. So it went from a bit of pressure and discomfort to really feeling the squeeze. I wasn’t sure I could take much more. It was obvious the Universe wanted me to move.

I guess I’d laid roots and was trying to work (grow) around some issues and dynamics. Well, can I let you know that the Universe will send a bulldozer if necessary. So I made a change and sure enough, the pressure was gone. Ahh.

I will say that I wasn’t the only one.  I could see the Universe placing some pressure on others as well.  It was like an energy field that was silent and invisible yet very much there.

Today, I was pacing. The past few days had been… different. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it.  Ah… since it’s not a finger, it’s the Universe’s thumb. Pressing on a pressure point. Yet… why?  What’s the point?  I thought we were done with this.  Ha!

When you go for a massage, you envision a relaxing session. A therapist though will probably ask you if you are having any issues. You might mention a sore spot (that you’ve learned to live with). Then, to your surprise, the therapist will zone in and place more pressure on that one spot. Ouch!  What about the gentle and relaxing all over massage? And what does the therapist tell you to do? Breathe.

Now you can even feel the knot (verses just the general sore area) and you know not to fight it. You relax and at some point, the muscle does, too.

Where there is pain/struggle, we are holding on to something.  So if you’re feeling some discomfort, see if you can get to the root of it. Stop living with it.  Maybe it just needs to be acknowledge and will then dissolve. Or… more support and change is needed. You’ll know because the pressure/discomfort will continue until it’s been released. Trust that the Universe is doing this in love.  It’s pushing you into alignment.  Love yourself into alignment.

5 comments on “The Universe’s Thumb

  1. Thanks for sharing. Great post.
    I can relate to that. During this summere, I definitely felt the pressure to change something which has been bothering me for years.

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  2. I needed to read this today. Thank you. The Universe has had its thumb on me too. I have surrendered and it is wonderful. Sometimes we have to take literal instructions from the Universe and take a break from life in order to live life more fully! Thank you for putting that into print.

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