Spiritual Jet Lag


Well… the past few weeks I seem to have a wave of energy in the evening when I’d normally be heading to bed.  Insomnia?  Or like a baby who has its sleep cycle reversed?  Universe, help!  Seriously, what is going on?  Then I heard, “Jet lag.”

I’d had jet lag once before so this did resonating with me.  I decided to googled and read: Jet lag can occur when people travel rapidly from east to west, or west to east on a plane. It is a physiological condition which upsets our body’s circadian rhythms.

Okay, so then I had to google circadian and read: Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism’s environment. Ahh…

I was now chuckling.  I know a lot of changes are happening inside of me.  I know to honor them and do the best I can.  I know I’ve been jumping, “time zones”.  And the past few weeks, when I sleep I’ve been having so many dreams, I’ve pretty much stopped keeping track; a lot of astro travel.  I also know that my body is taking in more light.

The other interesting thing I saw on google was jet lag happens more for those who are 40-60.  Hmm… us wave/generation x’ers?

And, when you ask google what is the course of treatment… I was seeing the symbolism or… irony.  “Light therapy.”

I seem to know that this jet lag shall pass.  We are just getting use to a new place.  Be kind to yourself!


5 comments on “Spiritual Jet Lag

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  2. Weird. Lately, I’ve found myself inexplicably tired around 3pm each afternoon. Not my norm. Not go-to-sleep tired, just exhausted-need-to-lie-down-and-do-nothing tired. It passes but it’s odd. I still sleep fine at night. Maybe I’m traveling more in my sleep. Lightworking–you gotta love!

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  3. Same issue here for a few weeks now. I’m exhausted. I also heard that my biorhythms have been upset by all the changes I am going through. But still it would be nice to sleep a full night.

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