Writing a new CV


[ A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an account of one’s career and qualifications. I remember writing one years ago in my professional career days. It listed my education, awards and achievements.  Now I decided to write a new one.  Ha… and hmm…  If you were to compare this one to my former, you’d question if we were the same person.  So, where to start… professional woo woo??  No, that won’t work.  Calling and purpose is real, a gift and needed in this world.  And really, not that far of a stretch.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a successful and diverse 17 year career in medical social work, my passion has been for the spiritual, medical and mental health mix and wellbeing of all. ]


Molly is an empath, intuitive, medium and channel.  A spiritual teacher, writer and author of, A Walking MeditationA Beach Guide.  She’s also honored to be a guest writer for, The Master Shift.

While she uses the word teacher, she considers herself more of a reminder of the Divine, a messenger, ascension guide, way shower… and student.  Pulling from her own experiences prior to awakening and ascending and, during – all the highs and lows…  she shares a perspective to inspire, encourage and empower others on their journey.

Molly considers herself a mystic, visionary lightworker and a spiritual hybrid for the next level of awakening.  By offering examples, energy and a different perspective, it all just naturally flows in a light-hearted, human and humorous way.  Molly’s been touched by many teachers and is forever grateful for the remembrance; more recently an intense yet well paced seven year immersion.  While her role varies in each moment, she believes in angelic signs, Mother Nature, life lessons, deep and profound personal healing, relationships, vibration, alchemy, light and LOVE.

She also believes in discussing the tougher topics (depression, anxiety, pain, suicide, ADD) as well as bliss… purpose… spiritual parenting, living (pre-birth to transition), dreams, music… and blending science and epigenetics with spirituality.  It can be so/soul simple (“normal”) as well as quite an adventure.

Molly is blessed to be a mother, significant other, sister and friend and loves time in nature, photography, cooking, laughing, exploring and being with others.  You can follow her work, love/passion/one of many purposes at:  2020spiritualvision.wordpress.com and on facebook as well.



One comment on “Writing a new CV

  1. Especially liked this part, ” While she uses the word teacher, she considers herself more of a reminder, a way shower, messenger and awakening guide.” My clients and followers tell me all the time that one of my greatest values as “reminder” is to serve as a cautionary tale when I transparently share the details of how and why I stray from the path of equanimity periodically when I reject love and embrace fear as my fuel because I temporarily forget who I am and WHOSE I am. And how and why I choose to get myself back on track when I remember that my SOURCE is excellent, limitless and reliable AND equanimity is WAY MORE FUN.

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