Blocking Messages. Why would we do that?

Because we’ve been taught to be good pinball players.


Our Guides do wish to speak with us. Many don’t realize how much they try. The human mind spins, fires, and works overtime. It blocks most of the messages. I call this Pinball Brain. Most messages can only be received when the mind is calm… open. This is why meditation works although there are other ways.


When I started and wished to receive a message, I’d envision the energy (message) entering the right side of my mind and flowing to the left. I’d warn my intellectual mind that it was not to try to make sense of the message. Just to receive. To be as open minded as possible. Now, you can use your mind to ask questions… gently. This is not an argument, it’s a discussion for understanding.

Then I was shown an image similar to this. To receive messages through my crown and into the middle of my brain. And this book does look like the Hall of Records. Which page do you wish to see and/or read? Yes, there are picture books 🙂


Yet, where else does our body block messages? In our gut? Heart? Honor your knowing. Channeling through your heart is much easier but for me this was not where I started. I was open minded yet life had taught me to protect my heart. My mind needed to resolve a few issues before the walls came down and my heart opened.  There is no need for the protection.  You are always protected.

And why do we hold on to verses eliminating? Are you holding on to the wrong things?  “Constipation” of any kind is not enjoyable. Just like this pinball game, stop being so good at being on the defense.  Let go.  Let it flow.  End the mind games and enjoy Spirit flowing through you.

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