I was listening to Lisa Transcendence Brown the other evening.  She had several good questions one could ask in their own discernment process.  I noted: What am I holding on to?

I happened to be in my kitchen.  I just looked around me.  I was taking the question literal.  While my hands were empty in that moment… my panty was full, refrigerator covered with magnets and pictures and knick knacks lined the window sill.  I could see symbolism and parallels to my life.  I knew this would be a good question to ask in the silence of mediation.  What am I holding on to?  And why?  And do I still need to?  What objects, people, emotions, routines, old thought patterns and stories?  What am I holding on to that I don’t even realize?  Ghee, this might take several meditations.

I also told myself that I’d be more aware of what I do reach out to do and carry.  Any way to lighten the load?  The spiritual journey will empty some closets, yet it’s our choice if (and with what) we fill them back up.  And any way to get more moments of hugs and positive words?  The power of the human touch.

I also noted: What do I NOT wish to hear?  Oh boy!  What a great question.  We will ignore our signs and messages if we are not ready.  My first thought was, I’d bet my guides have plenty to tell me and it’s all not so… grand.  Yet then I paused, grounded myself and asked for higher energy.  While I haven’t had a chance to devote meditative time to this one question, what if it is all positive… encouraging and more than pleasant.  Why are we so hard on ourselves or expecting a negative dose of reality?  What if…

Your angel, guide or higher self were to whisper to you that they love you even when you don’t.

That they wish you’d stop limiting yourself with excuses and lies.

That they see something better for you and it is all lining up.

That you will always be protected and provided for.

At times we block the best messages and things in life since we are too busy trying to get something else.  Stay present and be open.

Happy meditating!

2 comments on “Meditation

  1. Aw… thank you. I just learned issued on the left side are male energy & right, feminine (I think I have that right). It could also mean, issues that have been “left” and now need to go and /or pointing out what is and is not right. So many ways Spirit tries to get us to understand. We just get too busy and distracted. I know and love you. You are ready to hear and see! You got this!


  2. My dear friend, your writing and spiritual wisdom is phenomenal. Outstanding. I have lost my hearing on my right ear…for several months now. I KNOW what I don’t want to hear. My eyesight is getting worst by the months as well. I do know that if I don’t take control of those two things I will be paralyzed. Reading your blog and listening to this meditation that I did a few days ago, I find it helps to step back. Doing too much and trying to make others happy is not making ME happy. Things are shifting and changing…and sitting her reading your words makes me happy! i LOVE YOU.

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