Spiritual Depression


What to do?

You don’t think you’re depressed yet, when you try to place words with how you feel… it starts to sound like, depression.  Yikes… yet it’s okay.  It happens.  The spiritual journey does have swamps, hills, tall walls that you will climb (or find the door) and brief periods of depression.  Let me stress, brief.  So what do you do?

Don’t beat yourself up. Try to identify if you are feeling humanity’s depression or your own. Many of us are empaths and feel everything. Take several deep breaths… much deeper than you normally breathe and send love and light.

Maybe a nap or a day in bed will help. Seriously, give yourself permission to rest.  Or a good releasing rant and cry.

You’ve probably already meditated, watched enough youtubes and/or read enough blogs and books. You might just be burned out if all of this used to reminded and inspire you and now you are just frustrated (with where you are at on your own journey). Honor this.

So… just do something even if you don’t feel like it. Go for a walk. Go for a ride. Cook (create), find (beauty) something to photograph. Sing or scream in the shower.  Anything that would be a change of pace.

Remember this is just a moment. You are not the emotions. You are becoming a lite/light body. This too shall pass.

Whatever we resist, persists so… don’t deny or fight depression.  Learn from it.

As an addendum, I feel the need to say there is a difference between spiritual depression (which is usually short-term) and depression that needs the support of loved ones and the medical community.  Please, if you feel you need help, reach out!  You’re not here to suffer.  No one should.  Depression sucks, don’t stay stuck.

Photo found at:  http://allie-panda.deviantart.com/art/This-too-shall-pass-162747156

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