Spiritual Upgrade


Oh my guides and their sense of humor.  I keep singing a song by Beyonce, Upgrade U

Yes, this is a rap song and I seriously doubt they mean the booty shaking, materialistic or partner upgrade that the song is referring to, lol.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbH-D90vs_8

If you’ve plateaued on your spiritual journey and you know it… it’s time to upgrade.  Have fun, laugh, sing and dance.  Raise your energy.  If you know that you are going through an upgrade and it might feel like a pretty big one, give yourself a break.  Go slow and rest.  This won’t last forever.

While I’ve been avoiding the Windows 10 upgrade (symbolic) I just say to the Universe, bring it.  I’m ready.  Ha, be careful what you ask for.  Stay tuned!

Upgrade U… seriously can’t stop singing.

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