Which part of the path am I on?


So you decided to start walking the spiritual path. You read the brief summary of what you might encounter. It interested you. Now you might be pausing and questioning if you are still on the right path. Well, yes you are.  Not all sections are on a paved road.

For many, the path starts with your stories from this life. You are like a hiker with too much baggage. You think you’ll need all of it. You come to understand and make peace with each story and let go off the added weigh and items you don’t need. It seems to quiet your mind of some of the why questions you stuffed way down in your pack. For many, this is enough and they hop over to a different path.

For others, they then journey through a museum gallery of past lives. They come to understand more of who they are. Many of your past experience have come together to create who you are now. You start to see the depth of this journey.

For the brave are those who decide to leave the shelter of the museum and enter the forest. There are times when you can’t see the forest from the trees. In Mother Nature, it rains often. You start emotionally releasing karma and often you find its generational karma. You have no map or compass. You are not sure if you will ever make it out. Until… you remember you do have a compass, your heart. While the forest is a pure and beautiful place, you know that you are not to stay.

You walk out of the forest into a sunny field. You breathe and feel the relief. Yet at times you feel headaches, hot flashes and flu like symptoms. There are times you sleep in the poppy fields and times when you just keep going.

You will encounter a large and aggressive lion, a pit of snakes or a river you must cross. You feel the fear yet know that you are protected. You must face your fear. That is the only way to move forward… and you do.

From your travels, you are a bit weary. So you are more open. You see parallel lives and different dimensions. You wonder if you are now in a dessert and just seeing the mirage of an oasis. You have to keep going and as you do, your mind and body continues to morph and change. You are not the same person who started this journey.

As you continue to take on more light, you can now see the foundational cracks that had been covered up. These gaps are your missing pieces. So on a cool and dark evening you sit by the fire and look up to the moon. You call back the soul aspects that you need. This is a journey about completeness.

You continue now realizing it’s not about the destination. You stop and smell the roses in the park.  You enjoy that peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

You have a guide in each step you take. You internal GPS is working, your higher self and guides are on the other end of the line and angels surround you.  Each part of the path serves a purpose.  You are in control and you might as well make it as enjoyable as possible.

For me, whenever I feel that I’m lost, I go to the beach path. The sun warms my skin. The breeze lifts my hair. I can smell and taste the salt. The ocean waves lulls me into a more normal rhythm. At the beach, I always find treasures.

Happy journeying.

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