Namaste… Family and Thanksgiving?


Yes.  They all should mix well.  But do they for you?

I love it when Spirit comes back to remind me of a message and then expands upon it a bit.  This message I received a month ago, about how we are all Masters, came to my attention again.  And then more words rolled in. I often don’t take the messages personal yet I do personally apply them. They are for me and I know that I am a channel and to relay.

“Everyone here is all knowing. Even the, asleep. They made it here. To a place far from home (source). Each and every one matters. So welcome all to Earth. Celebrate. Yet you often don’t. You have patience for a young child who is learning. Be patient with those you label as difficult, slow, stupid, silly, strange, not your friend, oh the list could go on. Many are just children in an adult body.  In other words, be patient with your birth family. You were brought in to remind and teach them.  And now is no different.  Children continue to come in with more remembrance.  Hence the saying, a child shall lead them.  And strangers, well, they are not.  Often you are surrounded by young souls. You are quick to judge and forget to see them as a divine spirit.  You (were once) are them.”

“You believe in Namaste… yet… you like your kind. You like, like-minded. You seek them out.  It’s easy for you to say Namaste to a like-minded. You don’t say this though to others… or do you?”

Hmm. I’d like to think that I meet another where they are at. I’d like to think that I remind them of their divine nature and the goodness in this life. I can’t say that many understand my attempts but I do try. I do say Namaste to those who I think appreciate the word but a simple smile and hello works just as well for others. Yet… I’m not perfect and don’t always react so kindly to everyone all the time.

“The holidays are coming. Many have misunderstood family dynamics they will be walking into. How can they understand, Namaste?”

Good question. Many of us have been born into families that do not understand us. Many of us have outgrown families and friends. Holidays are times for gatherings. It can be a challenge to allow, embrace, flow, to stay grounded and keep our energy high. To just, love. Unconditionally.  I understand that others are our teachers and at times our triggers to assist us in getting low vibrations/old scripts out of us. Some family members must really love us since the lesson(s) are still a challenge to understand. It can be easier to ignore, dismiss or avoid yet the Universe enjoys when we embrace what challenges us. We are to be light, lite bodies.

“So then, don’t you think Thanksgiving is an appropriate word? Thanking the one(s) who challenge you the most. Each year is a new opportunity to ascend the experience. Both for you and for them.  You can’t base it on the past. Just be you and do your best.” Good and simple advice. Thank you.  Can I add, breathe.

I know that for many Thanksgiving is a day of union and blessings. For those who it is a bit… or a lot of a struggle, remember who you are. A blessing. Truly. Know that each and every one of us is doing our best, to our remembrance. Respect each one’s walk. This is a lesson on, letting go. Practicing Namaste is not for control freaks.  Honor where you are in your own journey and how you feel.  You don’t have to be perfect, fake or try to be “spiritual”.  You are always spiritual.  You are always evolving and might especially see that this Thanksgiving.

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