What happened to 5D?!


LOL. It’s here. Do you feel it?  Well if not, don’t worry.  Energy and dimensions way past 5D are also here and accessible. Portals, at least for me, open and close.

At times, I feel my past life as a scholar of sorts. I can research spiritual topic for hours. The 5D wave of love has been written about for years. There does seem to be a pattern as each wave awakens. A common initiation. I also believe new energy is coming as each person is ready and the collective as a whole. So really it doesn’t matter if you are still in duality or walking in all 5D energy. It’s all good!  Enjoy it.

So then… now what?  Well, many of us are upgrading/integrating/evolving yet we might not see that major manifestation we’d hoped for. Just a reminder to, let go. For some, it might seem too quiet. For me, I realized I’ve often pushed for more, better and to get in alignment. Maybe now is the time to stop pushing and just look around and enjoy how far you have come and the beauty that surrounds you. Your life and Earth will be what you choose to see and create. Take what has been given to you and make it work for you. What is right in front of you that you are not using to your advantage? Put on your 5D glasses and look at life differently.

And tomorrow is 11/11. Love it!  Make it a special day. I’ve been in a lovely energy for days now but have also been having stretches where all I can do is rest.  I know that the Universe will continue to surprise and bless us.  I am grateful.  Let’s help another see the magic as well.

And… let’s see how we do the 5D concept of love as the Holiday’s come.  A-ha.

Please feel free to comment on what is going on in your energy. We are all in this together.

11/13/15  Update:  For several days, I was seeing X’s everywhere.  In the sky each day and them I bought a shirt to discover it was a XXS – seriously I don’t think that size exists and I’m not that small.  Oh… Wave X – the wave of love, 5D… yup, it’s here.

11/26  I wanted to add… the concept of 5D is important.  It’s taking all that you learned these past few years in your personal journey and actively applying them to the now.  You’ll know when you are old you (3D) and new you (5D).  🙂

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