What are you tuning into?

vintage switchboard operator

If you’ve ever been noisy or a parent, you can channel. See, you’ve been practicing for some time now.

For me, channeling started in my mind… or should I say, my head… oh, crown chakra sounds even better. It was like carving out a space for the words to come in. It’s a lot like when you’re in a busy room and somehow you silence the noise and tune into a faint voice in another room. You focus on that. You ease drop… eavesdrop to find out the conversation. And just like eavesdropping, you don’t always hear everything. It can sound muffled or you can get emotionally invested in the words you hear and then cut the conversation short/wish to intervene.  Yet, if you ease drop, this more relaxed state in conducive for channeling.

I’ve discovered with channeling, the more you use your natural born gift, the stronger the connection gets. And… check yourself every so often. Your thoughts and vibration. You’ll receive the vibration you are ready for.  So plug in my friend and listen.

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