Waiting on a paycheck from Spirit/God/The Universe?  Well…

This past week I’ve watched a few telecasts and they all spoke on, money.  How fitting since it’s that time of year – the holidays. Many of us have life lessons with money… or should I say, abundance/giving and receiving/being provided for.

I’ve worked on this lesson for years and have made progress. For me, money equals freedom. Freedom to live as I wish without worry or fear. So while I’ve written on this before, here are a few new thoughts.

Does your soul think you are or will become, poverty?  Or is it just your ego/mind?  Yes, let’s go to this extreme.  You can use words like poor, broke, needy… yikes, you know this isn’t you yet, go there.  Imagine you in your worst case scenario.  In poverty.  How does it feel?  Maybe your just need to release the fear.  Could scarcity just mean, scared… not being able to care for self and your family?

In meditation, you might feel many past lives releasing.  You are already, now, more prosperous than you’ve been at other times.  And as you work through your feeling/fears on being “destitute” this life, can you get to a place where you make peace with this?  I mean, it’s okay to allow other to help you.  Really, is there anything wrong with poverty?  Maybe it’s just what you do need to shatter your ego and old stories.  And just because you have no money, doesn’t mean that situation has to last forever.  Ghee, really forgetting who we are – powerful beings, manifestors and creators.  Don’t become a victim or take on that vibration.

So can you feel the resistance you’ve been holding lessen some?  Now your fear might just seem… ridiculous.  Know when you hold struggle/resistance/the vibration, you’ll get a lesson.

A few other things to ponder:

  • Is your issue with money more how you were raised?  Work hard and save for that rainy day.  Decide to make your our money mantra.
  • Are you still trying to keep up with a society standard?  Where are you spending that really isn’t… you?  It’s just become automatic to you.
  • Where are you materialistic?  Are you in an endless pursuit of happiness that often ties into needing an abundance of finances?
  • Look around you.  Abundance is EVERYWHERE!  Lack is a lie we often tell ourselves.  Like do we really need 15 types of bread to choose from when we go to the store?  Stand there and feel the abundance of “dough”.

Acknowledge that you have always been provided for.  Decide to stop fighting… fear.  Of money, of being poverty.  The Universe = Abundance.  You = Universe.  Therefore, Abundance = You.

Take a few moments and breathe.  Place your palms up and out.  Ask that all old DNA, karma, contracts and timelines regarding money be released.  Ask to merge with abundance and prosperity.  See if you feel a tingle.  The cells in your body remembering and releasing.  For me, my hands buzzed as I realized how many times I used them to give and receive.

You do receive abundance from Spirit every day. Paychecks come in so many forms.  Choose to see this and be grateful.  Waiting for more = waiting.  If you feel you don’t have enough, create a way and the life/experience that you came here to live out.  The Universe conspires every day in your favor.

As a side note for Lightworkers/healers, clear your lives as a nun/monk/priest, where you did not receive compensation for your work.  A-ha.  You were provided for and it’s okay to want, more.

And… in addition, borrowed from Boni Lonnsburry:  I intend to create more than enough money for all my needs and desires. I intend that this money will make me feel abundant, secure, safe and financially free. I intend that this money will come to me in easy and elegant ways, with harm to none.

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