Questions that might assist in discernment


I post this with some hesitation since usually the Divine will come to you (in dreams, quiet whispers and signs) with what you need to know. Meditation can also be a great time to be open to receiving guidance. I’ve often found though, that asking the right question does show that you are ready, curious and/or trying to understanding a life lesson. Therefore Spirit will find a way to deliver the answer.

So while this is a running list I started, it’s not meant to be taken into meditation in it’s entirely.  Seriously, just one of these questions at a given time might help.  And I’d bet you’ll come up with the question that is best suited for you 🙂

  1. What does my soul/higher-self wish to tell me?
  2. What am I trying to know the truth of?/What is my truth in this situation?
  3. What is separating the light; making the issue unclear? What have I not been ready to see until now?
  4. How is this situation serving me?
  5. Why have I created this challenge?
  6. What is opening up in my life?
  7. What is ending?
  8. If I walked away… where would I go?  What would I do?
  9. What does my body need in order to heal?
  10. What emotion needs to be released?
  11. Guidance from my angel/guide/book of records…
  12. How does my divine nature play/interact/create now?
  13. How can I express my intention/purpose?
  14. Does this situation make my heart expand or close?
  15. Am I creating a problem where there isn’t one?  And, why?
  16. What is in my vibrational frequency now?
  17. Everything has already happened so, is this energy of the challenge a carryover that needs to be released?
  18. What other timeline/life would assist in my understanding of what to do in my reality now?
  19. Is my action/job/purpose the bridge to get me where I want to go?
  20. If all my financial and family needs were taken care of, what would I do?
  21. What does my soul wish to express to me?
  22. Am I living in harmony with my soul?
  23. What choices am I avoiding?
  24. Why am I allowing this situation to continue?
  25. What in my life, now, needs more attention?
  26. What places am I just doing busy work verses soul work?
  27. What am I not allowing?  What am I still not giving myself permission to feel/do/see?
  28. Is the timing right for _____ ?
  29. What sign have I missed?  What is so obvious I’m not seeing it?
  30. What is the next step?
  31. What energy (love, support, purpose, etc.) do I want to surround me at this time?  (in the way of people, situations, etc.)
  32. What/how is this experience preparing me for _______?
  33. What role have I been playing that is no longer who I am?
  34. What dream/goal do I fear will not come to fruition??  What if it doesn’t?

Feel free to add a question that has assisted you.


7 comments on “Questions that might assist in discernment

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      • Yes!!! It’s probably my favorite. I actually have a name for it: “The expansion/contraction game.” And I have my clients (or myself) close their eyes, and hold “scenarios #1” in their heart. Notice immediately how it feels. Then they clear that, and do the same with “scenario #2.” It’s so easy, and so ridiculously powerful – the answer is there every time. 😊

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          • Thanks Molly. I know – that darned elusive “Like” button!! Thank you for prompting me to look into it again.

            FYI – I just opened up an Energy Alchemy class, if you’re interested. The first 4 Mondays of December – to get people into an AWESOME space as they enter the new year. It’s 50% off for the next few days. Maybe it’ll speak to you!

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          • Molly – you inspired me to take action and find a way to get a LIKE button on my site. Thank you! I made them purple/pink and it gives a big smile every time I see them!

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