Trying to tune in


We are changing every day.  Our frequency.  At times we stay on a station…

We listen, dance and enjoy the music. We often sing along as we remember the words.  Yes, there might be, “commercials” that break up the song list.  We get used to this pattern.  And at times we wish to hear something new and scan to see what else in playing.  Some of us like variety.

Yet, it’s a game of musical chairs and we never know when the music will stop.  We don’t like being left without a seat.

We go to tune in and no matter how slowly we turn the knob, we just can’t find a station.  Silence or… static.  Or a song starts, we get excited and then… it’s gone.  Awe shucks.

We might need to go to our saved music to hear a one of our favorites.  Yet… we love hearing a song that we haven’t heard before.  A new, favorite that gets us excited again.

Lulls are a part of the channeling journey.  What we do with our time in those lulls is important.  Now is not a time to panic and it can create a cycle of this till you accept and adjust.  What you do during this time, in part, will determine to which channel you go to next.  Rest if you need to.  Play.  Review.  Dream.  Before you know it, the music will start playing again.

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