Dx: Ascending


It’s flu season. Have you had your flu shot?  I’m chuckling.

I used to work in the health care industry and know that there is no ICD-9 Diagnosis Code for, ascending. Yet, wouldn’t that be nice. While a holistic doctor might understand, our modern medicine (wonderful in its own way) just doesn’t.

Ascension symptoms or phrased more accurately, upgrades are real. If one doesn’t know better, they’ll either spend the day in bed or make a doctors appointment. Symptoms (upgrades 🙂 often come and go and can slow one down. They’re supposed to. Whatever you were about to do was probably the old you. Go slow. Spend time caring for yourself. Spend time with you.  You are not scary so stop running away from… yourself.

I love Lisa Brown and she refers to the flu like symptoms as: Frequency Light Upgrades.  Bingo!

Just think about when you hear someone say, “I have the flu.” And what do we say, awe… sorry to hear that… hope you feel better. Maybe we should be saying, Awesome!  and Congratulations!   What a great opportunity to honor your human body, in sickness, health and in upgrades.  Oh what you are becoming.

Each time you here or see the flu word, just think of ascending.  You’ll see reminders are all around.

So just like a doctor would, listen to your heart.  These upcoming winter months came be a great time to slow down and read an enlightening book, watch a youtube or meditate.  Don’t fight your ascension.

So happy FLU – Frequency Light Upgrades – season.

For more joy:  https://www.facebook.com/2020spiritualvision



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