New… Knew


I look back over my notes. There seems to be several themes the Universe is working on with me. One of them is about a new way. The world is changing and so are we. We are the, new. It’s time to shine our light.  So then…

How do we do what we love?  How do we support our lifestyle?  How can it be done at bit easier, more in the flow and synchronistic?  The ways of yesterday no longer apply. This is not think outside the box… it’s beyond that.

I encourage all of us to think, NEW. How can we utilize who we have become, the resources that surround us and the Divine guidance and energies that are here to assist us?  Look around and reassess.

As I type, it’s raining outside.  Rain washes away the old and often moves things along.  Now, what will surface, be renewed or refreshed?

Sit with newness in meditation.  Connect with the cutting-edge, leading-edge you.  The reason you were born.  You knew you would get to this place.  Now, what are you going to do?  I’d bet something amazing.

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