Anyone else?




This morning I awoke to the words, Congratulations, you made it to the next level.  Oh goodie.  So I just thought I’d check in to seeing if anyone else is feeling new energy and noticing changes… particularly with our body.

For weeks my sleep has been different.  I get a surge of energy when I should normally be heading to bed.  (Lightworker or nightworker, lol?)  I sleep for a few hours, awake for a few hours and then like narcolepsy, a nap is usually needed.  I just have to honor it.

A commercial was a synchronicity for me and I looked up non-24, “a body clock that is out of synch with the 24-hour cycle of the Earth day.”  Yup… since we are remembering we are not bond by time.    This article interested me in a few ways.  And… it’s not that we are blind.  I think the opposite.  We are taking in so much light.  We are becoming a light/lite being.

Dreaming like crazy.  Feels like burning off old karma (literally), crunching timeline and that it’s not important to remember all as I awake.  I might remember one of many dreams and this is enough.  This morning the dreams seemed to intensify – the reality of merging dimensions, just how close they are if we allow ourself to see them.

Seconds of being in another place.  Then you snap back.  Yet you know.

Feeling as though you might have PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA).


You don’t!  Your brain is just changing, re-wiring and balancing out.  Go ahead and cry – release.  Laughter, ya we need more of that!  Both move energy.

Lights and power flickers/surges/outages.  This happened to me years ago and now again.  Go for a walk.  Get in nature.  Take a shower.  Ground yourself.

Strong wind, ground trembles and feeling energy echo.  You are not afraid yet pause to acknowledge.

You might also be catching yourself in telling “stories” (the old you).  This is a process and acknowledgement is half the battle.  You are a creator.  Now create the life you came here to live.

5 comments on “Anyone else?

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  2. Love the phrase “lightworker or nightworker?”! Too funny. Glad I’m not the only one with an irregular sleep pattern. I can literally feel things moving around my crown chakra. It feels like bugs crawling but I promise you, it isn’t. 🙂

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