One Soul… Many Aspects



These past few months I’ve been receiving teachings on my/our multi-dimensional beingness. Trust me, the old me would not have had time, nor been open to these teachings.  So, step by step we go…

Maybe you are like me. I’ve devoted a full-time status for several years now to my spiritual practice and path. Honestly I wouldn’t change this choice although every now and then the Universe reminds me that I have free will and of all the options. I can return to the more traditional/career/materialistic world. I’m human and every now and then, this is tempting.

Like me, you might have invested an enormous amount of energy into a project. You might have felt certain it was your mission and to go hand-in-hand with your way of being. Then you pause and realize… it’s just not working. It’s still not, easy. You might even be willing to let go; realizing you are still shedding.  I’m a believer that all that we do, does have a purpose and often we don’t understand the, why.

It’s hardly ever how we think. So this past week I was holding space for guidance. I’d created a few things that I thought would benefit others. I didn’t feel inspired though to keep pushing. I am a creator, not a bulldozer. So I sat in meditation. I tried to find where my work/creations connected. Well, I did find the answer. It just wasn’t this reality/life.

I was shown where each thought/project benefited a part of my soul in another life/dimension. I was then shown dreams I did have (that I now understand was when my work here was benefiting, there). It was true for me. I couldn’t argue. At first I felt happiness, then peace, then as if some weight had been lifted. Yet, as I ended my meditation, I felt sadness. I thought, this has been a story of my life. Being the one behind the scenes who did the work while another took credit/benefited. Now, understand, my ego was not screaming. It was more this tired feeling. I thought, did I really choice to do this harder work all of my life here? I get it, in the big picture, I am the one who benefits in totality.

I know that life isn’t always easy. I think back to my past lives. While at times I think I’ve had some pretty hard lessons this life, they are nothing in comparison to some of my past lives. Yet, Spirit is EASY, flowing. While some of us have chosen to be a bulldozer, I believe I’m getting to an age/point where I’m to walk in knowing and grace. In peace and joy!

So as my meditation was ending, I received this guidance: Trust your soul. Follow the energy. When you no longer feel the energy/desire/inspiration, then let go. It has served its purpose. Now… don’t feel as if your work has been for nothing. Now that you have assisted your other aspects, allow your (higher) aspects to assist you. It doesn’t have to be hard or a lot of work.

Yes, I was ready to go right back into a meditative state and get more information, lol. The words, for now, were enough. Hope. I know it will come.

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