Burning off karma

Releasing the misunderstood negative sparks.


I remember times in my life (teens, young adult, two years ago… honestly yesterday) when I received a flash or a gut feeling yet it wasn’t so positive. The image/feeling/message was, disaster like. Yet… it didn’t play out in my reality. I’m usually a positive and optimistic person so I’d wonder, where did that come from? Did I just need to make a worse case scenario plan?

Some write on channeling low/demonic energies yet I’ve never identified with that. However, because of these few times, this was one of the reasons I didn’t invest more energy into my psychic abilities as a young adult. I felt they were a bit… untrustworthy. I was grateful for the moments yet usually kept them to myself and took them with a grain of salt. Like I was keeping track to make sure I had proof of my own ability – did I have 100% accuracy in what I saw coming to fruition?

I wish I had someone who would have told me what I now know. It’s all true! Often we are releasing a past fear/life/lesson. We are here to clean up our DNA. We do carry some residual. At times these flashes/feeling are so random. It might be a safe time to allow them to come up or somewhere they do vibrate in our frequency. Trust that you’ll know if you need to just, let go. No overthinking is needed.

At times they are a warning. We are to sit with it and see if it matches who we are now. When I’ve done this, I’ve discovered more so than not, it isn’t me… my reality. And away it goes since I honored it. If it does seem like a current option, we create our reality. Send love and light for either a higher option to play out or for strength and courage as the situation unfolds. These warning and then knowing of what our role is to be, can be a great blessing. Instead of being blindsided, we can act with more grace through the situation. This is who we are – divine… knowing… love.

Channeling can start when one is at a low place in their life. One might just finally be ready and so open (or exhausted). And slowly you release the past and stored negativity. Often you look for signs yet can misinterpret the sign. Check yourself. When you see a sign that you know is for you… how do you interpret it? Do you see it as a warning? Or as a blessing? When you step back, a sign can hold a negative or positive message. You choose.

Staying stuck in negative thoughts and energy creates drama. Some need drama to feel alive. It’s their choice and path for this life and we should honor this (they are still evolving). I’m just here to remind others that it’s your time to bump up in your thoughts, energy and ability.

The Universe does not want “bad” things to happen to you.   They will, though, keep bringing it till we evolve through the situation. Honor it all. The good and the bad. Much can be learned. Much is smoldering in us. The negative sparks though don’t have to re-create a fire.

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3 comments on “Burning off karma

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  2. For a while inexplicable fears would pop up around certain ages in my life out of nowhere. When I was in my early twenties, I suddenly became really nervous about house fires. I was always turning around and driving back home to make sure everything was unplugged and safe. That only lasted a little while, but other fears pop up every once in a while. I know they’re usually a residual past life experience. So much to learn about myself in this lifetime from what’s happened in others.

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