The art of letting go


Many of us are problem solvers, helpers and servers.  When we hear, let go, it seems to go against our nature and the way our brain have been wired.  Letting go sounds passive… which can be a good thing.  It sounds like we… do nothing.  Sometimes this is the case.  It sounds too easy.  Yes, it can be this simple.  So it confuses our ego and mind. 

So maybe that’s why letting go can be an action.  A conscious decision.  A physical symbol that maybe we make (even if this is just waving our hands in the air).  More important, a letting go in our heart… a feeling.  A trust that the best will happen.  That you’ve done what you could and that your angels will assist you in orchestrating the next step.

There are many forms of letting go.  Practice.  Act it out.  This is your play.  You can get to a place where you do it with more ease and grace.  The art of it.  Just by being in your heart.  Now, let go and… move forward.

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