Call yourself on your own bull…



It’s Monday.  A Monday after a long weekend.  Back to “reality” for many.  Hmm… what is your current reality?

Is now a good time to play a game of… Bullshit?  Yes, a card/drinking game yet nothing is needed to play this version.  Not even other people, although you can include them.  And think of that vibration. 

In the card game version, you must deceive yet once the cards are laid on the table, the truth is revealed.  This can lead to groans, cheers and laughter.

So, as you think and speak, listen to your own words.  Call yourself on your own, bullshit.  The stories you keep telling.  The negative thoughts you keep thinking.  The past is the past.  The future isn’t here yet.  What are you creating in this moment?


Could you be telling a few lies?  To yourself?  Yes this game take honesty.  Ground yourself in your reality and in your awesome self.

You can’t control how others behave.  You can determine how you are.  It’s easy to call another on their bullshit yet can you do the same with yourself?  You might believe, this is what it is and say you have no options at this moment.  Really?  I call, bullshit.  Whatever you are obsessing about… beating yourself up about… trying to figure out (I think you get the point).  If it’s a limiting believe, it’s bullshit.

So it can be like scream therapy.  You can start out silently saying it in your head (to your ego).  Then allow the word to come out of your mouth.  Then louder and louder.  If you can scream, you just might find that on the other side of this release is laughter.  The world is our mirror.  Get the bullshit out because stepping in crap is no fun!  So stop stalling.  Do what you need to do to raise your vibration and awareness of the joy this life can be for you.


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