Mic Check… test, test


First, Happy New Year’s Eve.  It is time to CELEBRATE – to honor and praise… yes, that sounds about right.

Now, on to the writing.  I heard a whisper from Spirit the other day and paused. The short sentence seemed to go against a momentum I was feeling and a direction and desire that was forming. So I said, Okay. If that is the Divine Plan, then so be it. No argument, just trust. Trust in my ability to channel and that I heard it and in the Divine and that there is always a greater plan that can change each second. Continue reading

Connecting to the Lite Brite Grid


A “call” from Spirit can come in many ways. A knowing, from watching a youtube, in something you read, a sign, your Spirit Guide nudging you along or even when you’re finally realize your soul is screaming at you. There are reminders and invitations in each moment yet one has to be ready. So if you are reading these words and have been looking for a sign – here it is. Continue reading

You’ll know it when you get there


I awoke yesterday feeling like I missed something. I paused and at times paced. Yet Spirit was with me. “You haven’t missed a thing… or been excluded. You are an active part of this. Have faith.” Is this a test? “It doesn’t have to be.” Well, I just had an activation and it now seems eerrriiee quiet. I keep seeming to forget there are these pauses. Continue reading

Expanding Heart


I usually post several times a week here on wordpress but I might also be posting more on facebook since I’m feeling that I’ll have shorter messages/updates that need to go out and more frequent. So we’ll just see how this all plays out. I can feel BIG energy yet I’m being reminded to, go slow. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. I do know this is my, stepping up. What I wondered months ago is now happening naturally – awesome! For all of those who follow, I thank you. Continue reading

NEW Year NEW You NEW Energies


Can you feel it?  Yes!  Excitement.  Anticipation. Sing it Carly.

We are moving along quicker now. If it’s gotten quiet, don’t panic. That was the old you. The Universe is working behind the veil for our benefit. It won’t last long. We just had a major holiday.  For many this means family, travel and shopping, oh my.  A whirlwind of energy.  We’ve also had a full moon and many have been receiving upgrades and messages. Now the Universe … Continue reading

Light Body Activation


I needed to sleep on this one.  I wrote it at 1 a.m.

It’s late and I should be asleep but I’m wide awake and my body is shaking.  I’ve been journeying long enough to know that weird is my new normal, particularly these past few months.  Gheez, years ago I just wanted to better understand my 6th sense.  Be careful what you ask for, lol.  All kidding aside, I feel blessed and am grateful of the ability.  Yet no wonder this journey is often what my mind says is, slow yet consistent.  You will go to more places and receive more than you can imagine.  So I asked Spirit, what is going on?? Continue reading

This and That – Spirit Grab Bag


As I review my notebook, I see many random notations. Really that’s not new. Yet I thought I’d toss them out there. Maybe it will help someone. So here’s what I’m experiencing and short messages that I’ve received. This is the stuff that usually falls through the cracks for the other blog articles. Continue reading

Body + Soul =

Well… you get to decide.  Do you feel alive?  No, really  A-L-I-V-E?  More alive than you normally allow yourself.

See what words you use to describe how you feel right now. Is that a true reflection of your body and soul working together?  Maybe, maybe not. You can change this if you like.  What makes you come alive?? Continue reading

Come OUT of the Spiritual Closet


Trust me!  I write on this because I know it.  I’ve lived it.  And… honestly, I still have my struggles, challenges… moments.  ENOUGH!  How else are we going to create change?  This is what we came here to do. Continue reading

5D/New Earth/Evolving/Ascending/Wave X/Love Revolution


Okay kiddos…    The word choice really doesn’t matter. “It’s” happening.  And each is doing their best to describe yet words just don’t do it justice. I think many are not writing more on the particulars of 5D since… it’s hard to write about.  It’s still too new.  And it’s a personal and different experience for each as we each carry a unique code.  And, look at the timing.  A perfect time of year with all of the Holidays to either test, see or fall back to what was comfortable.  Honestly, I don’t think that many have fully shifted yet. So I do commend the bloggers and wayshowers for their honesty, writing and reminders.  We’re all doing our part to understand and pass along what we know.  Isn’t this fun! Continue reading