December wondering

Hello Angels and Loves.  The energy is… espresso.  For me, on my journey, it’s helped to see that another was (or had) a similar experience.  It made me feel a bit more normal – haha, whatever that is.  I remember the years when I couldn’t always find the connection/reassurance yet remained open and stuck with my journey.

So for me, I’m in a stage of… an energy surge.  This happened to me years ago as well.  Blowing out light bulbs and entire buildings of power.  Yes, I do try to remain grounded.  I feel as though I don’t completely understand the significants although I will understand what I need to and I remain open.

December is a great time to, review.  Yet isn’t that what we’ve been doing for some time?  Possibly years.  Now it’s time to jump ahead.  The person who started this blog in January is not the same person typing now.  And I’d bet neither are you.  Now, how do we step up again for 2016?

Over the past few months, I’ve had two (what the old me would consider) freak moments.  Both involved when the sun hit my eyes in a certain way.  Very intensely.  I felt as if I was going… home or receiving some type of code.  It felt like pure source light.  These moments my mind doesn’t always understand but my body seems to know they are important.

And here is just a thought.  What if… Earth is Heaven for some souls?  And Hell for others?  What is Earth serves many purposes?  Earth could be referred to as a Heaven or Hell for another dimension.  Hmm…

Thank you for reading and blessings to all!

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