Shared moments in parallel lives


So here is a thought.  In this life, you accidentally drop a plate.

Yet in another, at the same time, you are breaking a plate in anger.

And in another, you are breaking a plate in a celebration.


In this life, you are shivering from the cold.

Yet in another, you shiver from feeling an earth quake.

And in another, you shiver from Parkinson’s.


In this life you are heart is aching from a friend who did you wrong.

Yet in another, that friend was your lover.

And in another, was your child.  And maybe that is part of the reason why, is just hurts so much.


You cry tears of joy, sadness, surprise.

You scream in excitement, in terror, in hoping someone hears you.

What if these moments and even the strange and random moments are windows into the others?  What if it’s running all simultaneously?  Hmm… Watch for them.  Watch your evolution.  Of how you have already done it all and had every experience.  You have all of this available to you.  Wow.  Be open and follow the vibration.  Happy remembering.

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