I am… laughing my ass off.  I awoke to, Help me, help you.  What?  Like Jerry Maguire??  My angel is in agent form like Tom Cruise??  Here’s just a reminder:

In what way(s) are we still being… stubborn?  What are we still holding on to that is not serving us?  Where are we still a bit off track and asking for the wrong things to manifest?  Struggle is the old way.  You are not a lost or stuck soul.  You are in transition and movement.  Letting go and being open is our walk right now.  Flowing.

I do often think what it’s like to be an Angel or Guide on the other side.  They do have the patient and persistence of a saint.  There is a common ground.  Mediate with your agent.  They know who you are.  They’ve been with you for some time.  Allow them to assist and promote you.

3 comments on “Help Me HELP YOU

  1. All good questions. For me I know they have endless patience and often laugh at us here. Maybe we are their comedy. And, ABSOLUTELY!! I often get movie clips, songs, jingles. Spirit will do whatever to get your attention and they try in so many ways. I was a DJ in high school and have always loved music so for me they often tie music to messages. If I start singing out of the blue, I know to pay attention. Thank you Karin!!

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  2. So cool! Thank you for sharing, Molly.
    I am so glad to hear from you how communication wih spirit occurs for you.
    Waking up with a phrase or a song in my mind has happened often to me, too. Having a song stuck in my head at 3am which stays until I manage to look up the lyrics is a common way for me to get messages. For you it was a movie scene. Impressive!
    I have often wonderd whethet this is really communication from spirit. Itnis hard to rely on this if there is nobody else around who experiences it this way. Therefore, I am very grateful that you share here with examples how it works for you.
    Yes, I also wonder how it is to be a guide on the other side. How is it to have the overview of different lives of different people at the same time ? Is it difficult to learn to orchestrate synchronicities? What do they have to do when they want to infuse a desire into our minds? Do they ever feel annoyed with us?
    Thanks for sharing your journey here,

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