Walk in to a new you


So has any of you awakening been like you thought?  For me, definitely not. So then… while we are intuitive and knowing, why do we keep thinking it’s going to be this way or that? Have you gotten to a place of just enjoying the journey?  The unfolding.  The surprises.

For several weeks now I feel like I’ve been resolving and burning off karma as I sleep.  I have two signs.  Literally my body heating up or having to relieve myself as soon as I get up (like I haven’t gone to the bathroom in days, lol).  Flushing our system out.  Often as I awake I see a quick glimpse of old timelines crunch and then fade away.  This is a process.  It can’t be rushed.  For me, I’m grateful since it could take lifetimes to work out what I am doing in a few hours of sleep.

I received a message where I was encouraged to find myself in the parallel. All the good stuff/higher timelines.  Once I found what I was looking for, I’d then be able to merge the vibrations.  Awesome!

Yet… no wonder awakening has to be in baby steps. Can you acknowledge how far you have come? If the Universe had told you what you now understand and know months or years ago, would you have believed it then? Probably not.  You can’t start here, you had to get here.

To assist in finding yourself, focus on a feeling. That feeling has a vibration and it’s trackable. Feel what you wish to experience. Your mind doesn’t need to worry on the details.

Show me… Me at my best.  Laughing.  Happy.  Doing my purpose.

Yes, this is a process of finding yourself, again. Just now are you ready. Get up to speed with the real you! You had to let go of your dreams, conditions and many things that you thought were you to get to this place. Congratulations! Now do it again. You’ve gone too far to turn back. Don’t rush this stage, honor it.  Just walk in to yourself… the new you and energy.

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