All together now


Years ago I reached out to likeminded. Again and again though, I felt that I was put in my place. I was not to be in their space. While I could see their gifts, their ego also rode shotgun. I kept thinking, we’re all supposed to be working together. No threat. We each have our unique gift and are to come together like a puzzle. Although I was surprised and disheartened at the time, this did serve a purpose. That was not my tribe. And I then had the opportunity to pull in and really dig deep. To know.

To be a lightworker, healer, spiritual teacher is not to suffer or stagnate. It is to… be… present in the moment. Many of us came here with a mission. We can get too focused on that and miss the just as important everyday moments. In the trying to fulfill the mission, we can actually be more like a dark worker when we hold that frustration (that it’s not happening fast enough, big enough or with ease).

Remember, we’ve already done it all. Yet we choose to cling to amnesia. I do believe the Universe is holding us to experience a particular set of dynamics. You might be what your mind refers to as, on hold or waiting but I think you just haven’t realize your greater purpose yet. It’s grander that what you are trying to do. And the grander does not necessarily mean bigger. It might just be different than any thought you’ve had thus far. So you are being protected as your work through the veils.

So instead of trying to push ahead, why don’t you look around or behind; at the wave that is just starting to form. You remember that stage. How can you reach out and support one who is in that stage? Instead of feeling that you are waiting for that moment/message/miracle – someone or something to pull you up out of your dynamics and to the next level. Because really only you can do this. So raise your energy by doing what you so seek. And yes, do this from the heart with no intention or motive.  This part can’t be faked and you’ll know when you are there.  Take a break from focusing on your journey and work. Get the energy moving in a different way. Go have some fun. Spread your light.

Amen and thank you for reading.  🙂

3 comments on “All together now

  1. A great reminder that, whenever FEAR starts running the show, light workers and healers are just as susceptible to being ruled by EGO and sub-optimizing their gift to the world. Sometimes I think we may be even more susceptible because many of us are highly sensitive souls who, if we aren’t paying attention and being mindful of the emotional frequencies we are exposing ourselves to, can unwittingly walk away carrying destructive energy from others. Sometimes during treatments with my first Reiki Master Teacher, she’d exclaim in the midst of a session, “Where the heck did you pick this up and why are you still carrying it. It’s not even yours! Honey you are an energy slut–you’ll pick up all kinds of gunk from total strangers. We’re getting rid of this without even discussing what it is and where you got it. In the future, just say no.” This always made me laugh but it also taught me to engage and be fully present with everyone, while paying attention and using a variety of tools set healthy boundaries on my field (love permeates, fear dissipates) and clear my energy after.

    Looking forward to discussing your guest blogger appearance on my site.

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