Shift in Focus


Focus on what you do know.  That would be a lot.  Check yourself.  Your essence.  Are you still focused on what you don’t know?  Trying to gather those missing pieces?  You are already complete, total.  With what you know now, how can you move forward?  How can you bless others with the gifts that you do have, right now?

Breathe, center yourself, let all the random and miscellaneous fade.  Shift your energy.  Move forward in your knowing.  You know just what you are suppose to know and… in the right moment, the next piece will come.  You are a forever changing mosaic.

One comment on “Shift in Focus

  1. My definition of living: baby step, gratitude, celebrate, REPEAT. Whatever you encounter in life, apply this simple three part approach. One of our most powerful and persistent self-sabotage strategies is setting the bar too high. So much better to take it easy. Easy does it. Let any new concepts you encounter in life gently wash over and through you, leaving the first layer of residue for absorption. Letting any shift be as organic as possible is key to substantive, lasting transformation. Begin with one tiny baby step toward one small desired change. No amount of progress is too inconsequential to celebrate. Each step forward is an important opportunity to stop, consider what you’ve learned, examine your new tools, realize your new strengths, and embrace with gratitude the joy that will take you to the next step. Celebrating each success is key to fostering the constructive core energy that will keep moving you forward. Noticing and demonstrating love, respect, curiosity, compassion, and gratitude for any resistance to change is as important to moving forward as celebrating your successes.

    One morning I awoke, sat bolt upright in bed and started repeating aloud, “Show up, bring your ‘A’ game, trust the Universe with the details.” As I pondered these simple words I discovered their profound meaning: I had received my simplified “job description” for LIVING! You can find more on this topic at

    Whatever you have before you, if you can believe it and begin it, you can achieve it. In the words of singer/songwriter, Kathy Mattea, “Spread your wings, close your eyes, and always trust your cape!”

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