Learn from your FUTURE and then work with it


This is not about the old saying of, learn from the past. That can be helpful because often life lessons and history will repeat, but it’s in the past. Know that you did the best you could at that moment. On your journey though, you might spend a lot of time looking at, cleaning up and then clearing past issues. I did for quite some time. It’s weight that needs to be lifted.

Yet at the same time many of us look towards the future. We do things on a daily basis to have a better future.  And we can’t wait to get to this better future.

First though, I had to work with my present reality. To do anything else might just be getting ahead of yourself.  Oh this can be humbling since its taking honesty and personal responsibility for the reality you created.  You can get to a place of peace. You’ll find your authentic self and the Universe will hold you here a bit. You are not waiting… you are to enjoy being, you, even if you don’t know what this means yet. That’s when magic can happen.

I’m finding that new lessons are more quickly going hand in hand with an experience I just seemed to better understand. I wrote this article just two weeks ago: https://2020spiritualvision.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/burning-off-karma yet the Universe upped the karma ante.  I think it’s a(nother) purge since 2016 is a fresh new year.

I’ve had a knowing for several years of a future event that didn’t seem, pleasant. I didn’t know all of the details but enough. I don’t obsess about it since life was full and good. I had enough distractions to keep me busy.  I also know things change all the time yet over the years, reminders came. I’d try not to panic (adding negative energy and fuel to it) but instead try to question and be open to more information. Then, the event seemed very close in my energy. Signs were everywhere. The Universe taught me how to read signs so… I had a choice. Deny or embrace. So I sat in mediation. I journaled. I held space by allowing periods of silence in my everyday routine and not filling those moments with 101 other thoughts, questions or noise.

A message did break through. I’ve found that the more personal and potentially upsetting, the harder to get to the root. Often you have to be calm and neutral to get to your truth. So I asked for my role in the event. I received details. Information on how to manage the situation and it was like a good friend’s advice. I kept saying, wow and oh thank you, good point.  And to my surprise, I wasn’t upset. The message was asking if I could also honor the event. Since actually, this event had already happened (in my many lives) yet I choose the role of the victim… or being overly sad or angry. As the energy faded, I looked over my notes. All of the information was helpful and I felt, knowing. So I said a prayer and returned to my normal day.

Then I realized, this is what timelines are for. And with 12/12 energy just days away, too. An alignment, a portal – use the energy to your advantage. As we upgrade our DNA, work with your timelines.  What do you wish to experience?

The Universe will teach you of your powers. Yet you often have to go to places that seem scary to find the reward. If you can remember you’ve already had the experience, then why would you need the experience again? For it to become real? Particularly if it’s a difficult situation. Maybe you choose to release pain and drama. The past, present and the future. Well… get it out of you, your energy. For me, this event came with a story that needed to be heard. I had to spend time with it. I had to be patient. I had to be ready and willing. I couldn’t skip past this one.  I needed a reminder of a few things.

It was also a moment to check in and see if I’d do anything different (right before the event). For this situation, I felt I’d done and said everything that I needed to. Yet I know that this might not have been the case. Small changes can make a big difference. Having a warning can be a blessing. It was also a great time to see how much I’d changed since the first knowing came to me.

Working with this event honestly took an entire day. Yet a day verses the event potentially changing my life in another way seems like a wise investment.  And interesting, by the end of the day, I felt great. I felt light and joyful. The event then seemed so far away from my reality. This was a timeline that couldn’t be crunched in my sleep. It had to be worked through in my awake state. I was given a wonderful opportunity to trust my intuition and then allow it to teach me, again. To take me to the next level and timeline.

I can look back and see many daunting and not completely understood moments in my spiritual journey. I’ve often said, no wonder not many do this. Yet each one I’ve worked through has been life changing.  For me, the Universe was wiping the slate clean. Working with the future. Getting any negative future events that have been potentially predetermined, out. Releasing.

So I don’t have proof that this event won’t happen but I do know that I’ve released it. I do know that I’m on to thinking higher thoughts. And your thoughts make your reality. You can alter your reality. Truly divine… being an alchemist. Now, this is powerful.  P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L!  Use your power wisely.


Haha… here’s a timeline I follow:  https://www.facebook.com/2020spiritualvision/timeline

One comment on “Learn from your FUTURE and then work with it

  1. I’ve found that becoming conscious and claiming your personal power to neutralize the judging voice in your head yields immeasurable benefits. You will literally be able to redefine your world, because there is no absolute reality, only the story you tell yourself about what is happening and what it means. Every being, encounter, and experience that comes my way is filtered through a conglomeration of lenses that results in my unique perceptions. These lenses cause me to see my world in a certain way. They are influenced by my unique and complex mix of myriad factors: the family, cultural, and societal norms I was taught; my physical and mental abilities; my personality and natural talents; my birth order; the patterns I deduced from all my past experiences; and the assumptions I’ve presumed concerning what’s likely and possible in the future. I create my reality in each moment by choosing what I will think, believe, feel, and do based on what my lenses allow. I can choose to look through the lens of fear and remain weighed down and self-imprisoned, or I can choose the lens of love and embrace a life of freedom and flow. No outside event or situation, no other person can dictate my attitude.
    However unconscious the process may feel at the time, I am manifesting the world I choose to see. This is the reason, for example, that the game of golf can be perceived as any or all of the following, depending on your lenses:

    • a delightful afternoon immersed in nature
    • an exhilarating and rewarding competitive event
    • a fun way to exercise with friends
    • an endless day of humiliation and torture

    Bottom line? Choose your energy: change your life!

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