What is going on?


This week has been amazing, then quiet, then….

I awoke this morning and despite my attempts to think happy thoughts…  I felt all out of sorts. I wondered if I had some (more, ugh) releasing to do. Or was this growing pains (again)?  I thought I was in 12/12 energy.  As I was trying to put my finger on what I was feeling, I paused.  One thing I knew was… Ego – You’ve got to go!  You are not making this any easier.

So let me share the message I received.

Universe, what is going on? “Cell regeneration.”  So I looked this up online.

Regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, and growth that makes cells, organisms, and ecosystems resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage. Every species is capable of regeneration, from bacteria to humans.

Ahh… I do think we need this coating of resiliency. We’ve got some work to do here.

“We have to take you off line at times.”

“You get downloads as you sleep and they often breakthrough in your thoughts throughout the day. If you mind won’t give you the words, then the energy is still in you and then you pull things to you as signs to remember.”

“You are an energy being.”

“Oh… and… there are no timelines per say.  We just had to use that word so you could understand. There is no time…”

“So allow your cells to catch up.”

Several times I’ve noticed my heart racing yet I don’t have high blood pressure… “Except for the high pressure you place on yourself.”

Well… also, my right knee (past, masculine) has been as if I’d had an injury yet I’ve done nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve been limping around the past few days. Hmm.

“We are clearing what you don’t remember. It won’t take long.  In you are housed experiences. Some don’t match who you are (becoming) so we clear them away for you.”

“If you could remember who you are, you’d remember that we are not to make this easy on you. You are a Master and need no pity. Many have had time to heal, rest and practice. While cycles will be ongoing, you are to now claim your power and move forward. Step forward from the rest.” Oh good pun. Rest and rest of the crowd. I saw a large group of people. The entire group seemed hesitant. Someone had to step forward. So guess what?  I did and all of you then quickly joined me. Yah!

“No more comparing or leaning on others. Just do it. However you feel called. You came here to create change. Continue to set souls free.”

I moved months ago and while I wasn’t understanding so much why the location, I did know it was to anchor light. The Universe described it like there is a lightworker for a set number of human souls in each area.  First we have our personal housekeeping and then we do community.

While I’m seeing that many of us are getting similar messages, each one holds a special piece. We need to come together to answer some of our questions and assist in remembering. That’s not leaning on each other. Yet when we don’t remember that we are amazing and powerful spiritual beings and came here for a reason and allow our energy to be taken away…  We can “follow” others on facebook but we didn’t come here to follow.  We came here to be… us.  Often this is being different, standing in our knowing, leading, teaching, loving… just being kind.

“Now is the time to follow your Master Plan.” I chuckled since months ago the Universe and I went round and round. They didn’t like the purpose word since it applied a goal. Goals are nice and helpful yet not a multi-universe thing.  We are living our purpose in each moment. So asking what was my purpose was a rhetorical question.

“Gifts come through remembrance. You ask for help yet you don’t need us. Grownups give themselves what they need. You are no longer a child (referring to stepping up). All you need is available to you.”

“All of this is just getting you ready for the next place… adventure 🙂 ”

If you’ve been doing busy work, stop.  It’s time for soul work.  If you are still meeting resistance, stop.  Meditate.  Open your heart… more.  There is a much higher plan that is trying to come to you and then through you.  Stop stalling and stop limiting yourself.  Smile, be open and step!



One comment on “What is going on?

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing your journey with transparency and authenticity as an instrument of inspiration, healing and growth for all of us. You are loved and loving, blessed and a blessing. JUST AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. And so it is–today and every day.

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