How do you know you are channeling?

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I’m often asked, how do you know you are channeling?  This is a great question yet, at times, I struggled a bit to describe it.  It would just be easy to say, I know.  It’s not something that I can force or fake.

I receive words yet often pictures will also flash. A message from Spirit is often tailored (pulling from your own experiences) so that you can understand yet not your normal thought or word choice.

At times though, you won’t understand. Spirit seems to like to give homework so thank goodness for the internet.

For me, messages seems to drop from the air (I think it’s just the vibration/frequency difference) and roll in behind my ear. It might just be a word or sentence. When I can engage in a dialogue, I often find myself glancing around yet focused (in an open and relaxed state) on the energy coming to me. It’s like being with the energy. Often as I am receiving a message, I feel it. At times, intensely. And if the message is for my personal healing, as the message ends, I can feel the burden that the message has lifted. Often I didn’t even know I was carrying it. I feel lighter and at peace.

I, personally, try to write down my messages. It’s easy to forget them. You are a channel and they do flow through you. It can feel very normal though.

At first, I couldn’t just, turn it on but as your practice, your connection will grow stronger and you’ll learn what works best for you. For me, sitting or walking slow in nature helps.  And being open in meditation. More so, the energy comes to you and it’s often random and unexpected.

And, oh the options! There is so many types of spiritual energy and help that is available.

  • Souls who we know that have crossed over. Family members or friends with advice, a message (for closure) and/or to assist in releasing generational karma.
  • Higher-self. This would include yours and any living person. A higher self knows everything about that human life. With this said, they also know what to disclose, when. Your higher soul is always available to you yet for me it took a while to make this connection.
  • Angels. I often encounter earth bound angels; they literally glow. Archangels such as Gabriel (messenger) and Michael (protection) as well as many others, including angels in training.
  • God. Both a female and male version. Jesus, Mary and other biblical figures.
  • Goddesses. Like Isis or Athena to get us in touch with our Divine Feminine.
  • Guides. We have many. They do just this, guide. A Guide will usually suggest ideas and encourage. Be open to their advice and know that you have free will.  For some, they have a spirit guide and this is wonderful, too.
  • Teachers. They come to help us work through a lesson and can stay for a “season” of our life. A teacher usually won’t spoon feed and you’ll have to do your part. When I’m working with a teacher, I explain what I understand about the lesson thus far and then they offer wisdom. A teacher will also teach you how to better channel and use your gifts.
  • Ascended Masters. Well… you are a Master so this is like your best friends on the other side. They are very wise and often you have to remember your mastery before they break through.
  • Dimensions. For me, often no name is given. Teachings that one can apply to their current life. At times the details might seem too vague yet in the simplicity, is big truth. The dimensions are unlimited and at times like portals – opening and closing. Now here is the interesting thing for me. I don’t like words like alien or ET and I don’t talk about spaceships either. I’m not sure why… yet. I do believe in energies such as Atlantis, Pleiadian, Mu and Arcturian, so hmmm.

Now, in writing all this, know that this is what works for me.  I like the variety.  And it started very slow, so practice.  Now it comes in faster and more like my tone.  Hmm… we are everything.  Are we just teaching ourselves?  Different parts of our soul in different places?  Ahh…

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