Catch and Release


I awoke, writing. There is a place where I write, a lot. So I now know that if I can merge that timeline, I can merge others. You see, I was NOT a writer. I was born with a learning disability and have always been a terrible speller. In this life, I struggled to read and hated to write. So, I’ve had to let go of the dis and just use the ability. Just like dis ease. I choice to just be, ease.

Now, if you follow my writing, you’ll catch my grammar errors and I thank you for flowing with it and looking at the bigger picture. For some reason, they are there and mean something. And now, I love reading and just write from my heart. I’ve let go of the restraints and excuses and I can’t imagine my life without writing. Last night, I noted a few article ideas to write on. I abbreviated article as, art.  Yes, they are an expression and creation.

This morning I awoke with, sleepy dust. This has been happening for over a week now. It reminds me of being a child. Hmm. Sleeping with the stars. Is this our reminder? A small trace comes back with us through our nightly travels.  The changes that are happening are coming out of my pores.

I’ve kept notebooks for years of my spiritual journey… adventure. I remember times when I’d say adamantly, nothing is happening, yet as I went back and flipped through a notebook, I’d then be reminded, a lot was happening.

The Universe reminds us who we are in so many ways. Signs, messages, experiences, “teachers”, books, youtubes and online articles. Whatever resonates, sticks. Yet the Universe is reminding me to pull more from my own unique code. That I do know. We do get to a place where we choose to go from seeker to, being. This is being at peace with the, not knowing (it all), and then sharing what we do know.  And, knowing that more will always come. This is catch and release and at times we do get a much bigger “fish” because of it.

I’ve known of words like lightworker, grid worker and gatekeeper for some time. Each one, at some point, didn’t always seem to be such a positive word. The lightworker articles I found years ago also discussed, darkworkers. Oh my. Then in a conversation I heard a person say in a negative way, who are these gatekeepers and why do they wish to control us? Yikes!

Months ago I understood that I was to anchor light in a certain area. I seemed to agree yet not fully understanding what this meant. I was certain I was to be a resource for a community of potential awakening human beings. Well… this is true yet the volume who has sought me out has been small. I guess you could say, manageable which is a good thing. I’m able to be very present. Each encounter means something to me. It’s just as important as an encounter with a large group.

The part I didn’t understand but now do is, there are so many in between souls. When you anchor light, they are attracted to you. Their bodies have been long gone yet they have left energy here. So I’ve been working with this energy. It’s like a community wide cleanup. What I found was, with each trip I made to the light, helping the hesitant energy along, it also rose my energy. The universe will give you many opportunities to do your calling here, it just might not be what you mind/ego thinks.

Being a lightworker, grid keeper and gatekeeper is an honor. A gatekeeper doesn’t keep people out, they stand in the doorway to make sure people get through. They keep the doors open. They straddle multiple dimensions and understand both sides. They are there to reach and pull up those who are ready.

So I think back to years ago when I left a career job. I was burned out. I was confused since I really thought I was doing my passion and purpose. So I was determined to find my place in this world. I thought of being a hospice worker and then a life coach. I learned that I had to be those things to myself. The old me had to die. I had to be patient and caring to myself. And then I had to motivate and re-create who I was… and I will continue. Then I wanted to be an author and teacher. Well, I just had to learn how to write my own story, each day. And, to be a student. Growing up I can’t say that I ever said, I want to be a lightworker.  Wow, imagine a world where that is a viable option.

I’ll share a question the Universe asked me, “You’ve done all this work… what has it been for?”  Search your heart and you will know.

Finally, I wish to mention, money!  Haha.  I went shopping yesterday for some gifts. I was surrounded by fellow shoppers. I then quickly realized I was placed in this store for a reason and it had nothing to do with my list. To be patient, to be kind, to smile. I was anchoring light amongst stressed, tired and I could use several other descriptive words. This is how simple yet true our mission is. Be the reminder. We were born with no money and have been provided for and when we change forms, where were going, money won’t help.  I do understand here on Earth it takes money.  Just think, what would love do?  So breathe and let’s get through the holidays in joy and remembrance.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Such a refreshing read. Thank you. I, too, am a lightworker, grid worker and gatekeeper, though I have not been conscious of the gatekeeper part for a while. I was out shopping today as well and received many smiles and positive energy, which was a surprise because usually it is the opposite. Keep shining your light. xx

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