Suicide Not Now



With only a week till Christmas, many are absorbed in work, parties, planning meals and shopping. Yet… what if something very important is not on your radar?

I meditated today and often feel I connect with the collective. I get a variety of feeling, messages and themes. Today, tears streamed down my face. I need to say that I’m in a good place. I kept thinking I am Joy and this is the season of “merry” yet all I felt was, sadness and then I heard a, Goodbye.  Ghee, I don’t wish to be the killjoy right before the holidays. I then saw flashes that surprised me. The word would be, suicide.

Now I know many are too busy yet I feel compelled to write and remind. Who do you know that needs a phone call? A kind word? A hug? A kind gesture? Stop what you are doing and make a difference in another’s life. Right now.

I believe suicide can be a very impulsive decision. A person can seem to be fine and then…

All it takes is a reminder that tomorrow can be better. That a person is not alone. That each person matters. As the next few weeks unfold, choose to be vigilant. Choose to care.

Because maybe you don’t know the person.  It might be the asshole who cut you off in traffic.  Or the jerk who was rude to you.  Or the person behind you in line who is silent.

IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND TO BE NICE and send out positive energy.

And if you’ve found my words and are having such thoughts… I am sending you LOVE in this moment. Just feel love (warm and comforting) and choose to keep breathing.  Please reach out to someone who can help. You will get through this.


Other articles I’ve written on the topic:


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1 (800) 273-8255    24 hours, 7 days a week in English and Spanish    Web:

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