5D/New Earth/Evolving/Ascending/Wave X/Love Revolution


Okay kiddos…    The word choice really doesn’t matter. “It’s” happening.  And each is doing their best to describe yet words just don’t do it justice. I think many are not writing more on the particulars of 5D since… it’s hard to write about.  It’s still too new.  And it’s a personal and different experience for each as we each carry a unique code.  And, look at the timing.  A perfect time of year with all of the Holidays to either test, see or fall back to what was comfortable.  Honestly, I don’t think that many have fully shifted yet. So I do commend the bloggers and wayshowers for their honesty, writing and reminders.  We’re all doing our part to understand and pass along what we know.  Isn’t this fun!

For me, staying out of (or more easily seeing) drama, keeping life simple and less ego = LOVE = 5D.  These past few months I’ve had moments that seem suspended in time and reality to just highlight the difference between the old and new me as well as the old and new reality; watching both play out before me.  5D is about choice and practicing all that you have learned in your journey.  For me, 5D is when you make peace with 3D.  (Can I just say this took several years of work.)

The “new” theme is coming in strong for me and the excitement of what my mind hasn’t even given me the words yet, runs through my body. I just want to know!  I’m like a kid on Christmas morning.  What I do know is that new energy is coming to channel.  Let’s say “places” or energy beings that have not been named before.  How cool.  Yet I’ve been told that many are still stuck in the old and trying to hold on. You’ll see this, too. They’ve invested much and just can’t let go. Well, there is nothing wrong with this and I so get it. I though have always been an explorer and one to push the limit a bit.

For a third time I’ve had a… well, again, it’s hard to describe. It’s a tone that has been hitting my ear. I’ve had the quick yet distinctive tones from Spirit for years now – it’s not tinnitus.  This new tone through is so high yet wide, it commands full attention. You’ll stop what you are doing. I’ve felt as though I’m being pulled to another place and my reality is muted for those few seconds.

At first I paused wondering if the tone of this nature was a warning. I then received these words. “Most lightworkers have endured much trauma. There is still some in their cellular memory. That is why they, on occasion, still see a sign as a warning. The sooner they realize that life can and is, all good. So when this tone comes in, receive it on the right vibrations. Not… Oh my, what is this? (and clicking into questioning and worry) More like, Yahoo… new energy is coming in.”

If you feel the Universe has been holding you back a bit, well, it probably has. You came here for a certain experience and the Universe wishes to give it to you.  If you wonder if your to step up/teach/heal, you probably are to do this.  Get rid of the doubt!  Be patient as the new energy settles in and guides you to the exact place you need to be.

I’m new to the gridwork theme and the Universe is working with me.  If your feeling called to a new area, I do see more moving around coming.  It looks like medical school match day – we are hoping we get the residency we want.


Trust that everything happens for a reason.  Hugs to all!  It’s time to celebrate.

9 comments on “5D/New Earth/Evolving/Ascending/Wave X/Love Revolution

  1. ABSOLUTELY!! Usually it’s my sign of incoming energy or that a short message is available. Spirit “voice mail”. Often it’s soft and short and feels angelic to me. I also pay close attention if it’s after something I just said or might need to think higher. At times it happens and then in less than a minute I’ll get a phone call or email for someone who is close to me. So it can mean several different things based on the energy/vibration and I’ve just had to practice based on which ear/tone/etc.

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    • Thanks for confirming that and for letting me know about the different meanings it can have. I will watch when this tone comes up for me. It is odd that I never thought about it before.

      I did not get your reply in my reader because it was not sent as a ‘reply’ to my comment. I have to go back to the old post and check whether you have answered . Sometimes this takes me a week to remember that I wrote something and that I wondered what your answer is and I go back to the blog and check.
      This is the second time now that I didn’t see the reply in my reader. Ususally this makes for a pattern for me, and I start to wonder what it means in metaphorical terms.
      I don’t know what this means here, but I would like to ask for this favor: Could you use the reply button next time? I know it doesn’t always work, and sometimes WP has a mind of its own and does all sorts of weird things which were not intended. That would make it easier for me. I love to compare notes with you.

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      • I, too, noticed that. I have to be mindful to hit the smaller reply button FIRST verses just typing away in the post comment box. I am SO glad you looped back around. And you sound like me. I believe everything happens for a reason.

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  2. This is interesting! I get messages from the universe on all kinds of different input channels, like little sparks of light, muscle twitchings, a tingling sensation. But I have never thought up to now that a ringing tone in the ear could be from spirit. I always thought that this is tinnitus-like and is caused by a tense shoulder muscle. Your post made me think. I had this ringing tone today in the morning in bed. Unusual.
    Is it like we all get a phone call by spirit?

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