Come OUT of the Spiritual Closet


Trust me!  I write on this because I know it.  I’ve lived it.  And… honestly, I still have my struggles, challenges… moments.  ENOUGH!  How else are we going to create change?  This is what we came here to do.

I thank the stars above I was guided to wordpress by a dear friend a year ago. In blogging I’ve found a family and community of believers. I am not alone. While I’ve been to and lived in areas where my thoughts seemed more accepted, I currently live in a small community. Church is big here. People also talk, a lot. So I lay low and blog yet let me explain.  I did start a meet up. I really do wish to hold space and light for others. And I’ve tried to offer my services as well yet Spirit kept turning me back inward. In hindsight, I am grateful.  Their is a strength in knowing thyself.

I know I’ve had lives as a witch, “town crazy” and persecuted for my beliefs. I released that energy some time ago. It’s not serving who I am. Yet I still found I had a bit of fear if certain others found out I was as extreme woo woo as I am, lol.

Enough.  I was not placed here to take on an areas energy and conform.  Or to be different around a certain few – that just takes too much energy.  I mean seriously, I could be a lot worse. I could be a mean, cold, jealous, bitter person. I could be an axe murderer or… Let’s just not add to the list of possibilities.

Probably like yourself, I am a simple yet complicated person. I am so many different things and I change almost daily because I choose to.  I’ve gone from an undercover lightworker (not even knowing what that meant) to hiding under the covers (in confusion/sadness/etc.) to now doing light work.

This I do know. If you live in fear, the Universe has to bring you what you fear. You asked to be challenged and change the course of your life (lives). To release and grow out of fear and doubt.  To be complete and at peace… with yourself.  Be proud of being, you!  You have a gift and you are a gift.

There is nothing wrong with being supper spiritual, metaphysical, a lightworker, a human being living a spirit full life.  You are probably more sane and happy than most.

Is it hard to come out of the closet?  It can be. Some family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. won’t understand. Know that they are serving their role in your play. Nothing real can be threatened. I’d bet your belief, knowing and practice is very real to you. So choose to be, you!  Not you in fear or in a closet. It gets dark and lonely in there.

And sometimes the sadness and scrutiny of coming out of a closet is about the release and getting negativity out. So honor however it plays out.  It doesn’t have to be painful though. You are not a victim.  It can be a moment(s) of bravery and empowerment.  I’d bet it will be easier than your mind is telling you.  You might even find others do embrace your thoughts and gifts.

Now, you don’t need to go shout it from the rooftops. Actually no words are needed. Lead by example. Show in your actions who you are. Glow. Be happy. Be kind. It can be so simple yet infectious.  People will wonder what makes you tick. Your heart and its connection to all that is amazing, inspiring and grand.  Be the change you wish to see.

And… if your still feeling hesitant in coming out and embracing the world, (a world who needs you) work with this privately in meditation on a higher plane.  It’s great practice and does create change because, it’s all about energy.  Remember your lifetimes as a nun/priest/monk – being protected and as a mystic/shaman/guru/elder – being respected as having a gift.

Here is a similar article I wrote when I started blogging 11 months ago.  Interesting to see a circle and the lesson/reminder come back around:

Thank your for reading.


5 comments on “Come OUT of the Spiritual Closet

  1. Thank you for lighting the way for other lightworkers such as myself. I’ve just started blogging and like you I had to learn how to come out of the “spiritual closet”. It’s always an amazing feeling to find other lightworkers on a mission that we all have decided and determined to take.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Molly. I can relate very well. For me, it was really scary to come out of hiding about a year ago. And each new step I am nudged to do by the universe feels like having to jump from a high tower into the water. It is as if my spirit guide is standing behind me and says that I just need to let go and jump. But I am too afraid. A panic attack rises into my head and makes me unable to think. I want to turn back and just not face the fear. But if I do this, then I feel strong guilt immediately. As if I am not living up to my life’s purpose. And then the world around me starts mirroring my resistance. And eventually, I get sick. I have had this cycle many times. Once for each new challenge. I think fears need to be faced if we want to go forward.
    Synchronistically , the universe just led me to this article this morning
    about the famous singer Andrea Bocelli who had to deal with stage fright:
    It was like a message: if we want to share our gifts, we have to walk right through our fears.
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It is very helpful for me to be able to compare notes of the journey with you.

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