Body + Soul =

Well… you get to decide.  Do you feel alive?  No, really  A-L-I-V-E?  More alive than you normally allow yourself.

See what words you use to describe how you feel right now. Is that a true reflection of your body and soul working together?  Maybe, maybe not. You can change this if you like.  What makes you come alive??

I was watching Undercover Boss. Often this show truly touches a soft spot in me. Stories of very dedicated employees who often don’t have much. Yet they give 110% to their work. Spirit was whispering in my ear as a CEO was generously rewarding an employee. “Feel it.” Feel being surprised, given a present, blessed.

I then thought of all the car mailers I’d received announcing that I was a WINNER. New car, cash, big screen TV, lol. Yet I tossed them in the trash. Unclaimed. But what if??  What prizes are available to us yet we aren’t claiming them? Know that you are a winner every day. In that first breathe. In opening your eyes. Decide to stay in a high vibration. Claim the prizes that await you.

Now, let’s jam.  Body + Soul = WINNER

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