This and That – Spirit Grab Bag


As I review my notebook, I see many random notations. Really that’s not new. Yet I thought I’d toss them out there. Maybe it will help someone. So here’s what I’m experiencing and short messages that I’ve received. This is the stuff that usually falls through the cracks for the other blog articles.

In the past few months, twice now I’ve had a bump in my ear. Yet it’s more crystal like – hmm. I’m aware of the 12 strains of DNA activation and our bodies going from a carbon base to crystalline.

I’ve also had this, flipping feeling in me. Energy moving. It seems to be a reminder from my soul that it’s with me and growing.

Sleep – haha and dreams – crazy!

There was a message around the word, androgynous. Yet I didn’t receive any more words. I thought of, both. Then I thought of, unity. On Earth we so identify with Male and Female but I’m sure there are places where it’s energy that’s not identified by sex. And look at the word, y no us.

I also noted: Extreme knowledge. Oh boy, here we go!

And, Brotherhood of Light. I received these words years ago. I believe the, brother is to be used loosely. I think they imply comradery although I am aware some do identify as being a part of this brotherhood.

I also received a short message from Ashtar (which was a first for me) yet… I don’t think I wished to receive it. I knew of the name and have always struggled with the picture of a white man, blond hair and blue eyes. I’m not sure why since from online pictures, he seems a bit angelic to me and I’m all about angels. And I often identify with energies that present themselves as human like and I seem very comfortable with how they present. So I had to let go of the picture and just write the words which were helpful. I’m wondering if he has morphed a bit to appeal to a wider audience.

Other short messages:

“How does a diamond form? Under pressure…”  Sing along here: Haha.

“When no one holds power over you. Like, parents, a lover, children, another teacher, someone you try to please… even your personality/ego. Then we know that you are ready.”

Question to ponder: How does one go from mediocre to… A-W-E-S-O-M-E?

I’m also working on retrieving soul aspects. Image we have one soul and it breaks up and goes a thousand places to have all sorts of experiences. A portion remains at source; our higher-self. So as we travel the timelines (in sleep/meditation/daydreaming), don’t get discouraged if at first you need to see and clear some of the past/lower/different. Know that what you are seeking is available. It’s about seeing it, feeling it and using your free will. Often these glimpses will inspire us and show us a short cut. Then we merge and walk into our new reality.

Finally… I’d like to put out there that I’d like my facebook page to grow. I know it’s not about the numbers. I do feel it’s a way to connect and I try to post inspiring pictures, thought provoking articles and free online events as I hear of them. I try not to post too much and not even selling anything (lol). Please check it out and spread the word. MANY thanks!

UPDATE:  Ask and receive.  A month later I made 900 new followers in 24 hours and you can read about it here in this post.  Blessed!  Make an intention and let go.  Don’t worry about the how.  The Universe has your back!

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