Light Body Activation


I needed to sleep on this one.  I wrote it at 1 a.m.

It’s late and I should be asleep but I’m wide awake and my body is shaking.  I’ve been journeying long enough to know that weird is my new normal, particularly these past few months.  Gheez, years ago I just wanted to better understand my 6th sense.  Be careful what you ask for, lol.  All kidding aside, I feel blessed and am grateful of the ability.  Yet no wonder this journey is often what my mind says is, slow yet consistent.  You will go to more places and receive more than you can imagine.  So I asked Spirit, what is going on??

“Inner star activation… star light activation… an alignment of light.  A ray, a pillar.  Christmas is the season of lights.  The sun (and unusually warm temps here), then you and a full moon on Christmas Eve.  Light everywhere.  A shift to (inner) light (bulb) moments.  Before you expanded through darkness, now in light.  It will come in stages.”

I got the sense I should be resting/meditating and honoring this.  And that this is a great place to get to yet, my mind doesn’t understand it.  I did feel the need to do a quick opening of my chakra’s and several slow breaths.  This seemed to help.  I then realized I must have been fighting this for a while.  Possible a few months yet, I also know everything happens as it should.  You see I’ve been having these large waves of energy come late in the evening and while I thought I was open, not enough.  I was more questioning the energy.

I’ve listened to activations online and they’d make me feel good.  I visualized along but this… was beyond real.  This was my activation.  I finally felt tired and went to bed with an aching lower back.  I felt like the childhood cartoon:  Wonder twin powers – activate.  I do know to pass along to drink water, lots of it.  I slept well and while I awoke, I allowed myself to fall back asleep several times.  With Christmas almost here and so many possibilities of things to do, I reminded myself the most important thing might just be to, SLEEP.

I did dream of the infinity sign and kept saying, inside out.  And while I love that movie, this was more about our body is a costume and container.  What is inside of us is to flow in the infinite.  Yet we must first turn in and build this.  For me this took dedication and some time (years) yet I get the sense for waves behind us, it won’t take that long.

I awoke with an image.  A Christmas tree.  My body was a tree with blinking lights.  It’s more than just our chakra’s.  We have so many points and energy centers.

Know that if your are reading these words, you are receiving an energy.  I hope that it helps in your journey.  I so believe in light, love, peace and joy and am passing this along to you.

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