Expanding Heart


I usually post several times a week here on wordpress but I might also be posting more on facebook since I’m feeling that I’ll have shorter messages/updates that need to go out and more frequent. So we’ll just see how this all plays out. I can feel BIG energy yet I’m being reminded to, go slow. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. I do know this is my, stepping up. What I wondered months ago is now happening naturally – awesome! For all of those who follow, I thank you.

This past week has been in the 70-80’s here yet the normal is in the 40’s. I’ve never had a Florida Christmas before. I am a flip flop kinda woman so I’m not complaining. It surely has been, “unusual” yet wonderful. I know that it’s significant yet I can’t explain (yet).

With this kind of energy coming in, one can be all over the board. Happy and high one minute, overthinking the next, zoned out another. I meditated this afternoon and just tried to get my body to relax. Float. In meditation I’ll often receive a quick vision, a few words or a reminder. Often though, meditation clears the channel for me.

Today though, I felt a heart opening. I could feel my heart relax and expand. It was an amazing feeling. As I arose, the slow day then started to speed up.

I thought of spiritual teachings as energy teachings and how they send out a vibration to others. If one is in their minds too much, these teaching can be overthought, questioned, dismissed, noted as a, to do or forgotten.  The ideal would be for, transformation. When a teaching resonates with you, it’s because you mind, body and heart hear it. You can feel it. You are changed by it. I believe this is why the next wave of teachers often use music, humor and raw honesty; that at times includes a few cuss words. We are REAL and real penetrates the heart and opens one up.

Months ago Spirit whispered in my ear, what makes you think (the well-known) spiritual teachers have it all figured out?  I just paused. They did appear to.  I decided then to gave myself permission to be, me. Verses me striving to know more, present well or striving to be what I already am. A spiritual being.  Another one liner from Spirit was: You really aren’t this s-l-o-w.  I burst out laughing. Spirit was referring to my amnesia and yes it was a reminder to stop hiding, sugar coating and doubting/playing dumb.

I also wanted to mention I was reading this post from another amazing wayshower, healer and dedicated blogger, Dayna Stone.  (Please check her out if you aren’t already following her.)  I couldn’t wait to comment. I, too, have been experiencing the lack of enthusiasm for working out for months now. I haven’t read it anywhere else but wonder if as our light bodies are forming, if strenuous exercise is another part of the old us. This has been strange to me since the gym for many years has been a temple to me. I thrived on challenging myself.  Yet many of us have been turning internal and building a new temple.

A few questions stirred in me like, do we need a bit of fat on us to allow the changes? Could the hormones our bodies secrete during exercise not be helpful? Or is it more about, we are not to push ourselves anymore? I found that when I started channeling, I actually lost weight. Sweet, a lite body!  Hmm, could channeling burn calories?!  I’m thinking, yes.

I also wonder if the things we don’t write about are the important things to write about.

And… I was in a lengthy conversation a few days ago with a mixed group of teens and adults. The adults were talking on and on, playing the adult/parent role. The teens were patient with the lecture yet I could clearly see the teens knew better. They saw the illusion. The children coming in have more remembrance and are holding more as they mature. A do see generations that won’t have the painful years of having to find a way to break through the amnesia that many of us wayshowers have had to do.

And I also wanted to mention that I’ve noticed as one is shedding/processing/upgrading, there really isn’t much left at the end of the day for extracurricular relations. You just don’t feel like, sharing your body with another. The good news is, this isn’t an every night thing. Know that a lot is going on within you.

Okay… enough sharing for now.  Back soon.


2 comments on “Expanding Heart

  1. I’m actually in NC but it feels like FL with these unseasonably warm temps. I considered moving to FL a few years ago. I sense a future move yet not sure of location yet.


  2. Thanks Molly. Definitely feeling the exhaustion today. Also I didn’t realize you’re in Florida. Seems lots of those I resonate with are. I wonder if that’s why I was asked to consider a move there? Lots to ponder. 🙂

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